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SNOW: Stop #2 of Volcom's North American PBRJ Tour

January 6, 2010

Stop #2 of Volcom's North American PBRJ Tour
This season’s North American Peanut Butter and Rail Jam tour continued with a stop at Sierra-At-Tahoe on Saturday, January 2nd, 2010!

Each year we make a point of visiting Tahoe for a PBRJ around New Years. In addition to all of the craziness that accompanies 50,000 people on the main strip, there’s an abundance of top-notch riding to be had. Sierra-At-Tahoe in particular lays claim to several of the finest tree runs yours truly has ever partaken in. It’s almost as if the towering trees and massive boulders have been placed strategically to allow riders to get creative no matter how much snow there is! Brooke Summers is Sierra-At-Tahoe’s event coordinator and runs a tight ship. Details, details, details! The terrain park team is also on point and put together one of the best PBRJ setups we’ve seen in recent memory!

The weather was good but the werewolves were bad.

After a busy registration that saw 184 soon-to-be competitors sign up, everyone headed outside to the contest site to practice on the custom PBRJ setup. The 15 & Under Division kicked off the New Year in fine form, spewing bangers across all three of the features. Mathew Jones, Joey Anderson and Graham Haley were all in the first heat and set the bar high with consistent and smooth riding. Though there were many worthy challengers, it was these three that ended up atop the podium: Graham Haley in 1st, Mathew Jones in 2nd and Joey Anderson 3rd!

Photo taken just before the steer went on a Gatorade-induced rampage.

The 16 & Over Division was next and wasted no time getting into it! These guys trained their sights on target and delivered an impressive payload of tricks in rapid-fire succession. It seems as though the quality of riding snowballed. The competitors fed of each other’s ability and pushed themselves to throw down new tricks. Solid riding from the entire field meant it was anyone’s guess as to who would take first. When the time came to crunch numbers, it was Garrett Warnick taking top honors with Layton Doyle in 2nd and Austin Bayless following closely in 3rd!

Front board up the corrugated tube in zone 1.

The Girls Division got underway as the sun rose over the tall trees lining one side of the PBRJ contest site. There were more than a few familiar faces in attendance so it was really cool to catch up and see how much they’ve progressed. Needless to say, no one was disappointed! The Tahoe girls are easily among the most talented we come across each season on the PBRJ tour. Among others, we saw switch front boards, back tailsides, lipslides all go down in short order! In the end it was Nicki Slechta prevailing in 1st with Joanna Dzierzawski in 2nd and Julianne Brackett in 3rd!

Tail press, zone 2!

Not being ones to mess with tradition, the 2010 Sierra PBRJ finale went to the Open Division! These cowboys rustled up some good eatin’ in the form stylish and tech tricks. All three features were gunned down in cold blood as justice was served and the day was won. Johnny Lazz, last year’s PBRJ Tour Open Division Champion was getting some work done in defense of his crown. Everyone rode really well but in the end it was Scotty “Banger” Hoffman deservedly taking 1st place with Johnny Lazz and Cody Boan placing 2nd and 3rd respectively!

Thanks to Brooke Summers, Nate, Matt, Adam and everyone else involved for all their hard work and PBRJ support. As usual, the contest site was amazing and much appreciated! Thank also to Steven Woolworth, John Nellinger and Asa Martinez for judging as well as DeNae Kamber for helping with registration. Of course, thanks to all the brands below for supporting the PBRJ tour!


Good lookin' nollie back lip in the 2nd part of zone 1


15 & Under:
1st: Graham Haley
2nd: Mathew Jones
3rd: Joey Anderson
4th: Joey Voltl
5th: Josh Douglas

16 & Over:
1st: Garrett Warnick
2nd: Clayton Doyle
3rd: Austin Bayless
4th: Casey Pletz
5th: Justin Flag

Girls Division:
1st: Nicki Slechta
2nd: Joanna Dzierzawski
3rd: Julianne Brackett
4th: Becky Bruce
5th: Monique Hyman

Open Division:
1st: Scotty “Banger” Hoffman
2nd: Johnny Lazz
3rd: Cody Boan
4th: Jonny Bradly
5th: Dylan Bonnie

Electric’s $50 “Gooeyest Move” award: Cody Delano!

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