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B$Z: FORM Athletics

January 11, 2010

FORM Athletics
Announces Launch
Fresh for the new year, we proudly announce the official launch of FORM Athletics - from the minds of Action Sports powerhouse Mark Miller and champion athlete Urijah Faber. Launching January 10, 2010, FORM Athletics apparel pays tribute to hard working and dedicated athletes.

FORM Athletics recognizes that athletes and fans alike are ready for something new - apparel reflective of their lifestyle. Free from angry tough-guy graphics of skulls and destruction, FORM Athletics focuses on the positive aspects of being an athlete: performance, commitment, discipline, and heart.

For nearly three decades, FORM Athletics president, CEO, and co-founder Mark Miller has built businesses for iconic brands. Focusing on action sports and youth culture, Miller was responsible for launching the insanely successful M3 snowboard line, and his work with DC Shoes made the trademark a household name. When Miller identified the underserved market and huge potential of Mixed Martial Arts and likeminded sports, he seized the opportunity to "build a business, lead a team, and do something meaningful."

Miller tapped fellow visionary Urijah Faber, known for bringing a surf-and-skate style to Mixed Martial Arts and the WEC as "The California Kid." One of the most successful fighters and unfailingly popular athletes in the history of the sport, fight cards with Faber achieve WEC record-breaking viewership and continue to double typical event attendance. As testament to Faber's skill and perseverance, he fought through 4 rounds at WEC 41, despite a dislocated thumb and a broken hand! Coming back from this injury, he's eager to show the fans - and his competitors - just what they've been missing. With his positive attitude and passion for the "art" of Mixed Martial Arts, Faber exemplifies everything FORM stands for.

FORM Athletics is infused with surf-and-skate aesthetic, Miller comments, "We see FORM as a merger between performance and lifestyle, and we offer clothes you can wear both in competition and in everyday life. Expect premium products with great materials, great fit, and great style." Miller says, "Urijah and I are both passionate about doing something meaningful and making people aware of the positive benefits of sports and a healthy lifestyle."

FORM Athletics is partnering with Urijah Faber's sponsor AMP Energy, designing Faber's walk out gear. FORM Athletics has also created a limited co-branded collection with AMP Energy. Check out the website for more details.
FORM Athletics is available January 10, 2010 at FORM Athletics, Zappos, and MMA Warehouse and will be on the floor of other select retailers later in the month.
View the collection at: