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MEDIA: Bo Bridges Photography - December 2009

January 13, 2010

Bo Bridges Photography - December 2009

Copper Mountain, CO
December 3, 2009
The month of December was filled with a lot of action both behind the lens and in front. Bo started off at Copper Mountain shooting with the U.S. Snowboard team. Copper was the first to have a clean Superpipe cut and open for business in North America. Louie Vito, Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Gretchen Bleiler, and Kevin Pearce were amongst the few tearing it up and throwing it down. Kevin Pearce was critically injured in Utah while training for the Olympics, and we are all thinking about him and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Beaver Creek, CO
December 4, 2009
Bo went on location for Sports Illustrated in the -19 degree weather to cover the Birds of Prey course. They don't allow snowboards on the course and for good reason...It's sheet ice all the way down. He took his video camera and skied down the course with Olympian Chad Fleischer for a course check before setting up in one of the steepest areas of the course. A few of the images below were pulled from the HD video. Bo started off in the top 1/4 with a flat section before the earth just drops out from beneath you at 70 mph plus. That same day he received a call to try and jet over to Hawaii for one of the largest swells ever that would begin to show the following day.

North Shore, HI
December 6, 2009

Bo managed to catch the last flight out of Denver on Saturday night to fly back to L.A. as he needed to pack for warm weather, and grab the correct equipment for Hawaii. By the time he reached Oahu Bo had experienced a 105 degree temperature change and found himself with no luggage. Luckily Bo carried the majority of his gear with him onboard the flight from LAX. Once landed, he drove directly to the North Shore in an effort to catch the final heat of the Sunset Pro, and watch as one swell died off and another much larger swell, immediately filled in. By the time the sun was setting, wave faces were reaching twenty feet. The next morning Bo awoke to find a wave had come all the way up to his back porch right off of Backyards/Sunset. He waited to see if the contest officials were going to run the Eddie but at the last minute they decided to hold off another day. He received a call from Maui around 9am that it was sunny and Jaws was doing it's thing. Off to Maui...

Maui, HI
December 8, 2009
Bo Teamed up with Brain Farm out of Jackson, WY and Red Bull to shoot with Ian Walsh, Julian Wilson, Jamie O'brien, and Ross Clark Jones. The Waves were supposed to be the biggest since 1969. They were calling for 60-80 foot waves. Getting out on a jet ski, Bo had the unique opportunity to photograph some heavy waves. It was a big, perfect, purple swell on all charts. Laird Hamilton and Dave Rastavich were stealing the show along with Robert Theriot from Tahiti on his Stand Up Paddle board with tow straps. From the photos he was dropping in late and going deep with no life vest on. There must have been some 30-40 jetski tow operations onsite all trying to catch the biggest bomb of their life. It got hectic at times especially with 3-5 heli's swooping in right overhead. The Brain Farm crew had a Phantom set up; shooting 1,000 frames per second, onboard the boat. It looked like backlit art on a giant flat screen, then all of sudden you realize it's moving!!! Bo is working on figuring out getting a 100-inch plasma in the gallery so that others can have the opportunity to view what he witnessed there. Incredible stuff!

Maui, HI
December 9, 2009
Bright and early the next morning Bo went out with Ian Walsh to check the surf along the North Side of Maui...In a helicopter. There's no better way. They zipped across the surface of the water only a few feet from the feathering waves. At times it looks as though the wave was going to come right through the helicopter. They found some nice empty waves, cliffs, and waterfalls and went back to grab their boards and gear.

Maui, HI
December 09, 2009
Hmmm, which board to take? Bo's favorite shot of the whole trip to Hawaii wasn't the giant waves at Jaws. It was this insane image of Julien Wilson boosting out upside down over a fine young lady with what looks to be a waterfall in the background and vines hanging down. See the image above and more on the

North Shore, HI
December 10, 2009
Not all the swell had left and the waves were perfect back over on Oahu at Pipeline. Bo jumped back on a flight and was able to get there in time for the first heat of the contest. Mick Fanning won the World Title and beat out good friend Joel Parkinson who was coming in strong leading into the final tour stop of the ASP.

Copper Mountain Grand Prix
December 11-12, 2009
Straight from Hawaii back to Copper Mountain, Bo managed to get there in time for Saturday's qualifier runs for both the women and men. The 22 foot superpipe was in perfect condition and with this being an Olympic year the competition was fierce to try and win a coveted spot to represent the U.S.A. in the Olympics. Shaun White won first place along with Louie Vito, and in 3rd Zach Black. In the women's Kelly Clark took home the gold followed by Gretchen Bleiler, and Soko Yamaoka. To see more images log onto

Los Angeles, CA
December 21, 2009
Bo's dad was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force for twenty years before retiring in 1986 as a colonel. Bo thought it would be a great Christmas gift to take him for a ride around the greater L.A. area in a Helicopter. They flew down to Long Beach, checked out the Queen Mary and worked their way North up the coast to Malibu before cutting over to Hollywood and Downtown L.A. Bo took the rear door off so he could hang out and shoot aerial images along the way. Check out the Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Santa Monica Pier and the newly installed Venice Skatepark from a birds eye view. All are available on the website printed on Canvas, gallery wrapped, and ready to hang in any size. If you don't have time to stop by the gallery, please view online and we can ship anywhere worldwide.

Long Beach, CA
December 31, 2009
Bo went down to Long Beach to shoot Travis Pastrana's World Record Long jump in a Rally Car on New Year's eve produced by Red Bull & ESPN. Bo received exclusive access into a vacant office building directly across from the ramp with the best-unobstructed view in the house. It was imperative for Bo to be able to shoot and see the landing. He debated to shoot the image wide for an editorial piece but wanted to show the entire run in ramp and the short barge landing on the other side of the gap. After careful consideration he ended up shooting it tight but long. The entire image once pieced together is 14 feet long by 25 inches high. It's one huge panoramic! You can view an 8 foot piece currently on display at his gallery:: 1246 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA. Or check the website to order and see the entire version.
Flick Trix
December 2009
Bo has been working closely with Flick Trix toys to get the right images for their new packaging displays. Flick Trix contacts our studio and sends over their request list of riders from all over the world. With Bo's massive image library of almost every iconic action sport athlete out there we are able to pull multiple images both lifestyle and action and send them right over for review. Look for the toys in department stores nationwide. If you or your client are looking for any images please contact Bo and his assistants at the studio. 310.937.3764
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December 2009
Follow Bo Bridges on Twitter by searching Spit Studio. He will keep you updated on where in the world he is and what in the world he's shooting.

Bo Bridges Facebook Page
December 2009
Bo Bridges keeps his facebook up to date with his most current photoshoots and action sports events. Keep track of his images and updates on his page. We have a new Fan Page feature -Bo Bridges Photography- that we'd love for you to join!

Sneak Peak to Next Month's Events
January 2010

X Games
X Games is coming up at the end of January in Aspen, CO. Bo will be back out in the snow and on the pipe to capture some of the greatest athletes in the world for the 12th consecutive year in a row. Please let us know if you need any photos from this event or would like to discuss hiring Bo to get the right images for your company. You can contact the studio at 310.937.3764 or the website for the latest updates and images.

Twinkie Chan Shoot
Bo will be shooting Fashion Designer Twinkie Chan for the MAGIC show in Las Vegas Feb 16-18. 

With another set of swells coming in Bo plans on heading back out to Hawaii to outdo what he captured this month.

Mahattan Beach Pier
Bo is taking advantage of the the sunsets here in Southern Califorina. Check out the photo below. All images are available on the website printed on Glossy, Matt, Aluminum, Bamboo, or Canvas, gallery wrapped, and ready to hang in any size. If you don't have time to stop by the gallery, please view online and we can ship anywhere worldwide. Or contact us directly for a custom installation and estimate 310.937.3764.