Industry News 1/19/2010

EVENT: Zered Basset Gallery Opening at Mountain Creek South

Zered Basset Gallery Opening at Mountain Creek South

On Saturday January 23rd Mountain Creek South will play host to opening night of the Zered Basset photo gallery.  Zered and fellow Zoo York skaters recently returned from a historic humanitarian skate trip to Cuba.  Due to the embargo in Cuba, it is hard for the local skaters to get product. Zered, Zoo York, Red Bull and Chris Nieratko had a humbling trip experiencing the hardships of Cuba and had an opportunity to give back and brought in over 50 complete skateboards, 150 decks, 100 sets of wheels and 200 pairs of shoes from eS & Vans to some very thankful and deserving kids.

View the trip through Zered’s eyes with original photography on display at Mountain Creek for the first time. Head up to the mountain for drinks and a look at some of the footage captured by Nieratko during the trip and shred the Red Bull bowl with Zered, Ron Deily and some of the Zoo York crew.

Saturday January 23, 2010
Mountain Creek South Lodge

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