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B$Z: Lifetime Clothing Spring 2010

February 10, 2010

Lifetime Clothing | Spring 2010
A collection of seaside visions and summers from the coast

For Spring 2010, Lifetime Clothing presents a collection that is inspired by all the simple pleasures that warm weather brings to West coast living.  Whether it’s hanging out with friends on the beach, biking around the city, or going to shows outdoors, every piece with its unique balance of material, print and color, defines what it means to spend a summer by the ocean.

Colors throughout the line are built on shades of varying degrees of softness and intensity, from sun-bleached hues of pink and blue to bright yellow tints.   Prints for the collection range from classic country motifs like plaids and ginghams to more traditional patterns taken to a new scale like gradient blocks, variegated stripes and offset checks.

Overall, many of the garments from the Spring 2010 collection bring about seaside visions.  For instance, the Baha-ree-ba, a long sleeved, hooded pull over inspired by the traditional poncho is perfect to throw on if you’re heading to a bonfire on the beach.  For ladies in particular, the Lifetime engineered poncho is given a more feminine cut with the short sleeved Tender Force version. Both pieces play off the yellow gold of sand dollars, the aqua shades of the ocean and grey tints of coastal rocks.

Lifetime x Ben Tour

This season’s artist series brings us the work of Lifetime collaborator, Ben Tour.  Entitled Electric Orphans, Tour’s capsule collection is derived from a series of large format drawings done with inks and spray paint.  By using traditional mediums, he combines in bending icons and symbols from contemporary illustration and graffiti into the realm of fine art.

“The imagery is mainly a study of women rendered in a cold palette of blues, which is a colour that I’m attracted to and use to shadow a feeling of alienation in the viewer,” explains Tour. “Each of these portraits is a single character and suggests a sense of solitude and aloneness.”  Tour further balances out the imagery with red washes in the lips that are meant to symbolize a hope within, and a sense strength and renewal.

Working with Lifetime’s designers, Ben Tour interpreted Electric Orphans into eight varying garments for both men and women.  From short-sleeved Henley shirts with contrast stitching for guys to light cap-sleeved bateau tunics for ladies, Tour’s collection fits perfectly with Lifetime’s overall Spring 2010 collection.

Lifetime x Super Champion

Lifetime x Super Champion brings you a capsule collection for bike enthusiasts with their roots in the track bike scene. Started by Tyler Lepore in 2007, Vancouver-based brand Super Champion is a real shop, for real working class individuals based on the idea of promoting and supporting the track bicycle community.

In the same vein, the collaboration between both brands reflects this.  Buyers can expect to find modern and dependable pieces including a T-shirt, windbreaker style jacket and a bike cap that reflects the simple yet stylish inclinations for which Super Champion is known.

Lifetime x Archibald Footwear

A brand new addition to the accessories program, these Lifetime canvas sneakers were designed by our friend, Ryan Archibald, who has served as the Associate Publisher of VICE since forever.  In making the shoe, Ryan wanted to do something fairly simple: create a canvas shoe that he actually liked.  Inspired partly by his interests in clean, modern furniture design, the final product is something that we all really love.  A sneaker with stylized elements, yet is casual enough to wear everyday, and with any kit.  Available as a unisex shoe, the tonal canvas sneakers are available in grey and off-white, completed with subtle stitching through the toe and heel to further embellish its shape.  The inside of the shoe is lined with a classic pinstripe material to finish the look.

Lifetime x Lisbeth Jewelry

Another new addition to our Lifetime family for this season is a playful and versatile collection of jewelry with Vancouver based designer, Sophie Alden, and her line Lisbeth.  Inspired by the concept of life, all the Liftime x Lisbeth pieces are designed to pair effortlessly with the garment offering for spring and summer.  The collaborative effort includes a delicate skulls necklace, which hangs daintily, a LIFE block letter necklace, and a St. Christopher pendant necklace, a prominent symbol of protection that is further emphasized with the addition of a dagger.  To complete everything, there is also cute and easy to wear earrings that tie back into the rest of the collection.  Made for both guys and gals, make sure you pick up these hand crafted pieces.