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CHARITY: Volcom Give Back Series Continues

February 15, 2010

Volcom Give Back Series Continues
Update on Give Jeans a Chance program and more

Volcom's Give Back Series is a continued effort to protect our rapidly depleting environment and impact on the earth's natural resources.  In November and December of 2009, Volcom partnered with the National Coalition for the Homeless to help cloth the homeless with its Give Jeans A Chance program.

"In a promotion last year, we collected about 1,500 board shorts and sent these to under privileged kids in the U.S., Nicaragua and The Philippines," said Volcom's Director of Retail Marketing Floris Gierman.  "We saw the potential of the program, and with all the homeless people in the U.S., we decided to focus on jeans to keep the homeless people warm."

One hundrend stores across the U.S. placed donation bins in their stores to collect jeans which would later be given to the homeless in their hometown. More than 5,000 pairs of jeans were collected and donated to 50 local homeless shelters across United States. Here's a video on the recent endeavor.

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