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B$Z: Jetpilot's "S.D. Chino Hybrid Boardshort" Aims to Redefine Basic

March 1, 2010

Jetpilot's "S.D. Chino Hybrid Boardshort" Aims to Redefine Basic

Continuing their tradition of innovation, Jetpilot releases another new concept in boardshort design for Spring 10, called “The S.D. Chino”.  It is a style within the company’s new category they are calling “Hybrid Boardshorts”, which are a blend between walkshorts and technical boardshorts. The S.D. Chino retails for $49 and is positioned as a new spin on the industry’s traditional basic boardshort design.

Overall, the style of the boardshort is a clean, five pocket design, complete with belt loops, zip-fly and adjustable snap closure but the key feature is in the construction material.  The S.D. Chino features Jetpilot’s new ultralight, quick-dry, textured nylon called “JetLite” which is 45% lighter than a traditional poly boardshort and more than 2X lighter than a traditional walkshort.  The result is a modern day basic boardshort that is built to perform, both in and out of the water.

Tested and approved by Jetpilot’s team of athletes, The S.D. Chino is inspired by the Action Sports lifestyle as a whole, instead of one specific “sport”.  Jetpilot La Jolla, CA athlete, Nico Becerra helped on development and said: “Pretty much, anyone who wants a basic boardshort but doesn’t want to look like their Dad would take one look at The S.D. Chino and realize how wearable and functional it is anywhere you go.  The style is clean but also has some attitude and is tech at the same time.  We love how they turned out.”

Jetpilot Vice President, Brian Jellig said:  “We had a diverse group of athletes and retailers chiming in on the development of the S.D. Chino.  Key retailers and our team are happy with the initial roll out so far.  Really great to see how the style came through, it’s fresh and they go great with a ’63 Cadillac.”

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