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TV: FUEL TV's "American Misfits" Hits the Road for Third Season

March 22, 2010

FUEL TV's "American Misfits" Hits the Road for Third Season
The “Quest for Gnar” begins April 2, 2010, 8:00pm ET/PT
FUEL TV, the only network dedicated to the lifestyle of action sports, is proud to announce the launch of season three of “American Misfits: The Quest for Gnar” premiering on Friday, April 2, beginning at 8:00pm ET/PT. The eight-episode series follows the duo of Professional Skateboarder Laban Pheidias and former TransWorld Skateboarding Art Director Ted Newsome as they return to FUEL TV for their third installment of “American Misfits.” This year’s cast includes Chris Lambert as “Slam,” Nate Sherwood as “Notorious Nate,” Jesse Hotchkiss as himself, and stand-up comedian Jason Rouse as “The Boss.” 
A unique brand of its own, “American Misfits” is part TV show, part skate video, and part comedy. In each season Ted and Laban are faced with ridiculous challenges from their “network boss” of a fictitious extreme sports television channel. In this season, the Boss decides to enlist Ted and Laban on a quest for “gnar.” Not sure exactly what that means, the guys do know that it means leaving the backyards of Los Angeles, buying a bio-diesel powered hearse and driving across the country to explore the core skate scene in 25 cities over 30 days.
Along the way, the crew packs each episode with some of the best skating across America. Sending out a call to find these hometown heroes through local skate shops, the boys stir up trouble with killer shred fests, impromptu parties and challenges from their delusional new boss.
“There’s truly nothing like ‘American Misfits’ on TV, or really anywhere for that matter,” says Shon Tomlin, FUEL TV SVP of Programming and Marketing and the series’ Executive Producer. “Ted, Laban, and their team are masters at creating a truly original television series that’s as authentic as it is unpredictable. They are also experts at capturing a side to skating that isn’t typically captured in mainstream magazines and videos.”
“We’ve always focused on the skaters who are below the mainstream radar,” explains co-host and co-producer of the show, Ted Newsome. “But this season we took it one step further and filmed every local we could get our hands on. Sponsorship status and notoriety went out the window and we just documented good ol’ shredding. We were blown away by the skill level we discovered all over the map.”
“We had tons of fun finding local misfits across the country on this tour,” says Laban Pheidias, host and producer of FUEL TV’s show “American Misfits.” “Plus, it was cool running into some of our old friends and professional skateboarders like Vinnie Ponte, Jon Comer, Kris Markovich, Kenny Hughes, Brian Tucci, John ‘The Man’ Reeves, Justin Strubing, and Daewon Song.”
With this new season, the “American Misfits” crew continued their green conscious production efforts by using a veggie-oil-powered hearse in its travels.
“It was really exciting to uphold our green production standards on the road,” says Pheidias. “We won the Green Seal Award from the Environmental Media Association for last season and we really wanted to keep things going this time around. Although the hearse broke down on the trip, we still upheld our commitment to the environment in as many ways as we could. For one, we installed a duel-tank veggie oil conversion to the hearse we drove across the country and made a point to fill up with B99 wherever we could. We also had Professor Paul Schmitt install three solar panels to the top of the hearse to help power our camera batteries. And most importantly, we catered every meal 100-percent vegan, which of course brings our carbon footprint way down.”
Make sure to check out FUEL TV for some of the most exciting skateboarding across the country with the new season of “American Misfits: Quest for Gnar” beginning April 2, 2010. Original episodes premiere Friday nights at 8:00pm ET/PT and re-air several times throughout the week. Episodes will also be available for paid download from iTunes, and can be watched in HD on and