Industry News 3/22/2010

EVENT: The Westsiders to Premiere at 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival

The Westsiders Receives “Official Selection” and is Scheduled to Premiere at 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival Saturday April 24th

The Westsiders, an independent feature-length documentary, has been selected as an official selection at The Newport Beach Film Festival. The film’s world premiere is scheduled for Saturday, April 24th at 8:00 pm at the Regency South Coast Theater.

The Westsiders is an eye-opening mixture of surfing innovation and gritty localism documents the rise and fall of The Westsiders surf gang through the eyes of three best friends from the original "Surf City," Santa Cruz, California. Best friends, Darryl "Flea" Virostko, Shawn  "Barney" Barron and Jason "Ratboy" Collins bonded by common tragedy and their love of surfing.  They helped each other through shattered homes, drug addiction, psychological issues and hard-core localism to achieve their dream of becoming professional surfers before the age of 24.

In order to surf the notorious Steamer Lane, they were forced to join "The Westsiders" Surf Gang and go face- to-face with Vince Collier, aka "The Godfather of The Westside".  Vince, a massive brute force, ran Steamer Lane with his own version of street justice.  This 80-minute documentary explores how The Westsiders are the latest chapter in the bizarre yet innovative history of Santa Cruz, California.

Darryl "Flea" Virostko, Shawn  "Barney" Barron and Jason "Ratboy" Collins will be in attendance, as well as their mentor Vince “The Godfather” Collier. Additionally, Rosanna Arquette, who narrates the film, will attend.

This is the first film for director Joshua Pomer, who grew up with the surfers and was himself a part of “The Westsiders” Surf Gang. “We supported each other through thick and thin,” said Pomer. “In my mind even then, I knew that this was a story worth telling. Little did I know the journey would bring me here, telling the story of our lives twenty years later.”

The story is told through present-day interviews with each of the surfers and members of the community, and includes surfing footage and photography that were captured by Pomer during his adolescence.  The finished product is a heartfelt expression of struggle, balance and history, and the ability to rise above pain and weaknesses to ultimately live out your dreams.