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Mike's Mash-Up_FRIDAY APRIL 9 2010

April 9, 2007

Did You Clean Your Room And Make Your Bed?
April 9, 2010

To me, the best years of skateboarding were between 1984-1989. This was an era where legends like Hosoi, Gator, Gonz, Lester, Phillips (RIP) , Roskopp, Alva, Cab, Smith, Hartzel, Dressen and a few others were killing it like no other. I was a true fan of these dudes and didn’t hold back whenever I would see them. If there were sticker tosses at an event, I’d be that little grom trying to get whatever was thrown out. Can you please sign my deck and T shirt? That was me.

It was also a time when new blood like Vallely, Lee, Barbee, Klein and Cardiel were just coming up. Back then, skateboarding entrenched my life 24/7 and I’ll never forget the raw energy as well as a little kookiness that made up the 80’s of skate. Case in point, do you remember Skate Visions? I do and I remember Gator’s hella funny lines. Check it. ( BTW, give it up to Agent Orange for doing what they do)