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April 19, 2010

This Week On FUEL TV

Thursday, 4/22/2010 - On Surfari: Liberia – 8:00pm ET/PT in SurfSpot (New Episode)

Friday, 4/23/2010 – American Misfits Season 3 – 8:00pm ET/PT (New Episode)

This Week on The Daily Habit:

Jodie Nelson, Lakey Peterson, Julie B., Eddie Donaldson and musical guest The Fireship – Monday 4.19.10

Today, pro surfer Jodie Nelson returns from her headline-making 40-mile paddle from Catalina to Dana Point. Plus, surfer Lakey Peterson updates us on the new season of FUEL TV’s New Pollution. Also, Eddie Donaldson and artist Julie B tell us all about the “Save My Oceans Tour” which brings amazing art and music performances to local colleges thanks to Disneynature’s new film, Oceans. Topping it all off we present to you the winners of the PacSun Battle of the Bands, The Fireship, who show their winning ways on the Stride Sound Stage. Jodie Nelson’s sponsors include: Keep-A-Breast, Boarding for Breast Cancer, The SUP Spot and Emergen-C Pink. Lakey Peterson’s sponsors include: Roxy, Channel Islands, Nike 6.0, McDonalds, Sex Wax, and Kaenon.

Aaron Cooke, Cory Nastazio, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Fabrizio Santos and Cypress Hill – Tuesday 4.20.10

Today, we welcome Aaron Cooke from the amazing foundation known as the Athlete Recovery Fund. Aaron brings along BMX pro Cory Nastazio, FMX pro Jimmy Fitzpatrick and pro skater Fabrizio Santos to tell us about this great cause. Also, prepare to be stoked; hip hop legends Cypress Hill step up to the Stride Sound Stage. Plus, the Athlete’s Recovery Fund unveils Stephen Murray’s amazing new van. Cory Nastazio’s sponsors include: Vans, Rockstar and Haro. Jimmy Fitzpatrick’s sponsors include: Metal Mulisha, Rockstar and Osiris. Fabrizio Santos’ sponsors include: Forest Skateboards, Oakley and Silver Star. Aaron Cooke’s sponsors include: Nike, Oakley and Rockstar.

Cheyne Magnusson – Wednesday 4.21.10

Today, Body Glove team rider and pro surfer Cheyne Magnusson is back on The Habit with his usual hilarious tales of surfing all over the world. Plus, Bill Sharp gives us a look at some of the top contending waves for this week’s 2010 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards. Also, we check in with a few of Dean Randazzo’s pals who organized the Jersey Shore “Freeze for a Cause” surf benefit in his honor. Cheyne Magnusson’s sponsors include: Body Glove, Osiris, Chemistry, Nixon and Surf Ride.

Chris Bradshaw and musical guest Surfer Blood – Thursday 4.22.10

Today, the super steazy jibber Chris Bradshaw is tearing through the Habit. Plus, correspondent Leon Blackwood gets up close and too personal with the female riders of the DC Snowboard Team at the Mountain Lab. Also, a live performance on the Stride Sound Stage from the indie rockers of Surfer Blood. Chris Bradshaw’s sponsors include: Technine, Electric, JSLV, Neff and Etnies.

Shane Desmond and musical guest Local Natives – Friday 4.23.10

Today’s guest took 2nd at the 2010 Mavericks competition; big wave surfer Shane Desmond is on The Habit. Plus, Jordan Morris gives us a preview of “Street Fighter 4” at the 2010 Game Developer's Conference and video game convention in San Francisco. Also, a live performance on the Stride Sound Stage from today’s musical guest, Local Natives. Shane Desmond’s sponsors include: Whole Foods, Nordic Naturals, Ex Drinks, Screwball Surfboards, O’Neill, We Do Lines and Pacific Wave.

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This Week on The Weekly Update: we’re at Mammoth Mountain, California, to recap some of the best contests and events of the 2009-2010 snowboard season. Mammoth starts us off with a big kickoff weekend event.

Then we move to Breckenridge, Colorado, for the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour. Danny Davis and Mammoth’s own Tyler Flanagan dominate the superpipe and slopestyle events, respectively.

From there, it’s a full block covering the long road to the Olympics as the Sprint U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix serves up five qualifying events. In Vancouver, Canada, at the 2010 Winter Olympics, Shaun White – also the focus of our special One-on-One interview – secures his second consecutive gold medal. On the women’s side, Australia’s Torah Bright wins the gold.

We close the show with a feature on the High Cascade Snowboard Camp, where the endless winter is alive and well.

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