Industry News 5/4/2010

B$Z: Ocean & Earth International Announce Block Surf as Exclusive Distributor

Ocean & Earth International are proud to announce appointment of Block Surf as exclusive distributor of Ocean & Earth Surf accessories in the USA.

Ocean & Earth International, one of the world’s leading surf brands, are pleased to announce that Block Surf Distribution has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Ocean & Earth Surf accessory products in the USA.

Dave Nielsen VP North America Ocean & Earth International; “Similar to Ocean & Earth, BlockSurf has been on the front line of the core surf accessory market for over 30 years, and first to advertise a surf leash for sale in the USA with an ad in Surfing magazine. Larry Block has more than earned his solid reputation as a well respected, no nonsense businessman, surfer and fisherman; we couldn’t be happier he ‘s on board”.

Ocean & Earth’s International global business model is based on core surf hardware distribution. “To that end, we’ve grown the USA business exponentially the past few years through difficult times to a point whereby such a solid contributor to the surf industry as Blocksurf would want to be involved. Larry has an amazing energy and work ethic and we are stoked to support him every way possible in North America” said Paul Munten - Ocean & Earth International Chief Executive Officer.

Founder of Ocean & Earth Brian Cregan said, “Meeting Larry Block was something I wish had happened many years earlier. It was fantastic to come across someone who realistically knew the ins and outs of the American surf accessory business and had the experience to appreciate what we’re bringing to him with Ocean and Earth products and brand. Larry really appreciated our range, the detail of features and quality within our products. I guess he knows how much work and experience it takes to develop a range. Larry has 3 decades of great results in the surf business and it is pleasure to be associated with his business moving forward”.

“Blocksurf is extremely excited to take on the Ocean & Earth products which include Board Bags, Leashes, Grips and more. Ocean & Earth is a perfect partner for me given their experience and expertise with these products and I am looking forward to taking the business here in the US to the next level.” said Larry Block.

Ocean & Earth International is three years into a global expansion program and currently reviewing other offshore companies that have expressed interest in Ocean & Earths product lines Munten stated; “selecting the right distribution partner and one that fully understands the breadth of Ocean & Earths product lines is instrumental to us gaining further traction in the US market. We are very confident that our partnership with Block Surf Distribution will help drive increased awareness and growth for Ocean & Earth in the USA.”