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B$Z: Transworld Business Announces Exclusive B2B Media Partnerships with Group Y

June 2, 2010

Transworld Business Announces Exclusive B2B Media Partnerships with Group Y

transworld businessGroup YTransWorld Business, the number one source for action sports business news and information, announces its exclusive B2B media partnerships with group Y’s upcoming Action Sports Conference and collaborative Panel Series events.  As the exclusive B2B media partner, TransWorld Business will help co-produce the events, provide exclusive editorial coverage, and sell in key credible sponsorships toward the panel series. 
“With this new partnership, TransWorld Business can now provide our over 4,000 members resources that expand beyond our monthly meetings and conferences,” said Mark Sperling, group Y co-founder and president.  “The action sports industry and those involved with our lifestyle recognize TransWorld Business as the authoritative voice for our sports and culture and we feel they are the ideal partner for us.  We are looking forward to working with TransWorld on expanding our content and reach, to better help the growth of our industry for years to come.”
The panel series this year will consist of five future events, which will be held in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, and New York.  This year’s panels will begin this month and cover a wide range of topics including, fashion, design, innovation, and economics across the Men’s and Juniors Markets in the key categories of surf, skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard, motocross, and BMX.  The Action Sports Conference will take place in Huntington Beach in August, hosting a variety of industry executives and panelists, moderators, and speakers. TransWorld Business will be providing its VIP subscribers with original, exclusive content from all of the events, featuring the coverage both on the Web and in the monthly print magazines.
“In our efforts to evolve TransWorld Business, our partnership with group Y will give us an established event series that will complement our existing print and Web assets,” said Associate Publisher Billy Corvalan.  “group Y has done a great job producing relevant B2B industry events.  This is not only a great opportunity for us to create original content for our VIP subscribers, but also allows us to offer and provide our advertising partners with a true overall multimedia package.”
For more information on the group Y panel series and the Action Sports Conference, go online to  To get exclusive group Y event coverage, you can sign up for a VIP subscription to TransWorld Business at