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July 12, 2010

Project OR Spotlight!
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Action Sports, Outdoor & Lifestyel Industry News
EVENT: Street League DC Pro Tour Secures Domestic & International Distribution With ESPN
B2B Connection: SID FACTOR 7 selects WFX Web PLM On-Demand
B$Z: Hall of Famer Bill Walton Brings KPMG onto SDSI Board of Directors
ART: Arbor Brings the Artwork of Dave Kinsey to the Hybrid Bamboo Skateboard
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July 12, 2010

Cobian | San Diego, Calif., or in Europe |
International / European Sales Manager

Zumiez | Everett, Wash. |
Emerging Media/Content Manager

Zumiez | Everett, Wash. | Men's Private Label Sourcing & Production Manager

Zumiez | Everett, Wash. | Men's Private Label Production Coordinator

Zumiez | Everett, Wash. |
Financial Merchandise Planner

Lifted Research Group (LRG) | Irvine, Calif. | Legal Affairs Manager

Fox | Irvine, Calif. |
Bike Marketing Manager

Volcom | Costa Mesa, Calif. |
Sr. Denim Designer (Junior's | 5+ yrs exp)

Incipio | Irvine, Calif. | Office Admin

Filmar | Montreal, Canada |
Product Developer

Filmar | Montreal, Canada |
Designer (Accessories)

Cleveland Golf | Huntington Beach, Calif. |
Design & Merchandising Intern (PAID!)

July 9, 2010

Under Armour | Baltimore, Md. |
"3" positions:
Product Line MGR/Developer (Outdoor Bags & Packs)
Industrial Designer (Equipment and Bags)

Senior Manager, Accessory Design

Birkenstock | Southwestern Region |
Territory Manager

SmartWool | Philadelphia, Penn. |
Technical Field Service Representative

Orisue | Irvine, Calif. |
Senior Apparel Designer / Director

ONE Industries | Rancho Bernardo, Calif. |
Production Manager

Gathering Storm | Carlsbad, Calif. | Global Sourcing & Production Coordinator / Assistant

Sole Technology | Lake Forest, Calif. |
Sales Operations Specialist

Reef | Carlsbad, Calif. |
Graphic Artist (Marketing)

FUEL TV | Los Angeles, Calif. |
Production Assistant

August Accessories | Oxnard, Calif. |
Data/Order Processor

Fox | Central United States |
Regional Sales Manager

Fox | Irvine, Calif. | Racewear Designer (Performance Products)

July 8, 2010

Nike | Beaverton, Ore. |
Action Sports Designer Director

Under Armour | Baltimore, Md. |
Senior Apparel Designer (Men's Outdoor)

Under Armour | Baltimore, Md. |
Outerwear Designer

Black Box Distribution | Carlsbad, Calif. |
Warehouse Manager

Bonnier Corporation (Transworld) | Carlsbad, Calif. | Online and Sales Development Coordinator

Oakley | Foothill Ranch, Calif. |
Global Merchandising Manager

Vans | Cypress, Calif. |
Product Line Manager (Snow)

Rocket Dog | Hayward, Calif. |
"2" positions:
Senior Footwear Designer (6+ yrs exp)
Senior Sales Representative (5+ yrs exp)

Confidential Apparel Company | Cypress, Calif. | Human Resources Executive

Confidential Apparel Company | Orange County, Calif. | Sourcing Director

Fox Head | Irvine, Calif. |
Associate Planner (Clothing)

Incipio | Irvine, Calif. | Account Manager

Incipio | Irvine, Calif. | Sales Assistant

Beachworks | Palm DesertCalif. |
Retail Store Managers

July 7, 2010

ATTENTION FRANCE!!!  Volcom | Anglet, France (South West Coast) | European Distributor Manager

Centre Skateboard Dist | Vancouver BC, Canada | In-House Graphic Designer

NemoHQ | Portland, Ore. |
Graphic Designer

Columbia | Portland, Ore. |
Sorel Sales Representative (West Coast)

GoPro | Half Moon Bay, Calif. |
Front End Web Developer

GoPro | Half Moon Bay, Calif. |
Mac Desktop Support Consultant

K2 Sports | Seattle, Wash. |
Design Engineer (Boots, Packs / Bags)

Loomworks Apparel | Irvine, Calif. |

Advanstar Communications | Irvine, Calif. |
Digital Sales Representative

July 6, 2010

Filmar | Montreal, Canada |
Designer (Accessories)

Oakley | Pacific NW & SW |
Regional Channel Sales Manager

Wilson Sporting Goods | Chicago, Ill. |
Senior Apparel Designer

Eddie Bauer | Bellevue, Wash. |
Design Director (Equipment, Gear & Tools)

Volcom | Costa Mesa, Calif. |
Sr. Men's Designer

Zumiez | Everett, Wash. | Men's Private Label Sourcing & Production Manager

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NEW! Alex Bottle
Independent Sales Reps - Southern California (SD, OC, LA)
CFR Snowmobile Racks & Accessories
Independent Sales Representative - All Territories US, Canada & International

NEW! Fox Head, Inc.
Sub Rep - Northeast Territory
MX Sales Rep - Territory: Texas 

RMP Athletic Locker
Outside Sales Reps / Agency - Multiple U.S. Territories & Canada
66 North
Independent Sales Reps - New E, Mid A, SE, Great Lakes, So Cal.

NEW! Ash Francomb (Vintage Surf Tees)
Independent Sales Reps (Vintage Surf Apparel) - Multiple Territories
Outside Sales Reps - California, Florida, East Coast
ZOIC Clothing
Independent Sales Reps (Cycling Lifestyle) - All Territories
Freek Nation
Independent Outside Sales Rep - All Territories

Sambaii - $1100 base, plus commission
Independent Sales Reps - FLORIDA SE, SW, TX, MID A

Arnette (Oakley)
Action Sport Outside Sales Reps - Territory: Hawaii

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