Industry News 7/13/2010

Event: Waterman's Fairway Fun Zone Vid' & Pictures

ASR &’s Fairway Fun Zone at the SIMA Waterman’s Golf Tourney

ASR and teamed up to co-sponsor Hole#1 at the SIMA Waterman’s Golf Tourney in Dana Point, Calif., this past Thursday, July 8, 2010.  Deemed the Fairway Fun Zone, golfers had the opportunity to play carnival-esque games in hopes of winning raffles tickets for a shot at winning the ...Lost surfboard displayed at the hole.

Due to the strenuous nature of the game, ASR and Malakye had a full carb n’ hydration buffet stocked with Karl Strauss beer on tap, SKYY vodka and Captain soaked snow cones, and a trifecta of flavored popcorn to keep the golfers on point and trim during the tournament.

Games on the menu: the popular Dunk Us dunk tank, beer pong Hole in One, and the Nerf Sharp Shooter.  The dunk tank was the game of choice for obvious reasons, and takers had the chance to win 3 raffles tickets if they could dunk Chad Mihalick or Josh Lewis from  Though popular, this proved to be tough for many, perhaps it was the incessant heckling and smack talking by the Malakye folks to help keep themselves out of the icy waters waiting below.  Some golfers even took a shot at dunking their fully-clothed comrades; it was a good time for everyone.

As for the Hole in One, golfers dug deep to rekindle skills from their beer-ridden frat’ days in order to bounce a ping-pong ball into one of the designated green cups surrounding the flag pin.  This gave them a shot at winning 2 tickets toward the board – many succeeded.  Golfers had to stroll even further back to their adolescent years for the last game on the menu, the Nerf Sharp Shooter.  With a fully loaded clip, all they had to do was topple one cup with 6 rounds in the chamber.  Most were on point, but it was apparent that those days were long gone for some!

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