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B$Z: Switchboard Dist Partners With Jart Skateboards and Iron Trucks

August 10, 2010

Switchboard Dist Partners With Jart Skateboards and Iron Trucks

Jart Skateboards, Iron Trucks & Switchboard Inc. are pleased to announce the new agreement of master distribution in North America; the beginning of a relationship that will make both companies stronger and able to offer an even better service to North American skaters.  The joint venture was finalized August 10th, 2010.

Switchboard Inc., a well-known manufacturer & distributor of multiple major skateboard brands, will be solely responsible for all distribution in North America of Jart Skateboards and Iron Trucks.

According to Mark Sweetser, VP of Sales at Switchboard, Inc., “I have watched the growth of Jart Skateboards since I met them at the Bread and Butter show in Barcelona in 2007. They have continued to support skateboarding 110% in Europe and we plan to do the same business model for Jart throughout North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico)”. With this new allegiance, Switchboard Inc. will utilize their back-end operations and sales force to expand the presence of Jart Skateboards and Iron Trucks in the North American market.”  This is an exciting addition to this company, internationally known for guarantying the best quality boards and accessories.

Jart Skateboards stays true to its heritage by only using the best USA Hard Rock Maple wood from forests with controlled felling methods.  Even Jart’s logo pays homage to the forest, with the rings in the logo representing the annual rings on the tree trunks, and the origin of the skateboard.  Jart Skateboards has become a leading skateboard manufacturing brand in Europe, present in more than 40 countries all over the world, and now is time for the brand to be developed in USA, Canada and Mexico; thus satisfying the need of many customers, who have been awaiting Jart Skateboards, and Iron trucks to be available in North American shops. And with an outstanding Pro Team roster; Bastien Salbanzi, Eero Anttila, Ivan Rivado, Jan Kliewer, Orlando Acostam and Mathieu Dupuy, Jart Skateboards shows promise to become just as prominent in North America, as they are in Europe.

About Jart Skateboards
Jart Skateboards, established in 2001, originated in the “Wood Sector” of a coastal area of Spain known as the “Basque Country”.  The Iraola brothers wanted to apply their family’s traditional knowledge of wood to innovate the process of skateboard manufacturing.  This innovation created an exceptional quality of skateboard decks that revitalised the Spanish Skate scene. 

Established in 2003, Switchboard Inc. manufactures and distributes skateboard brands. Their roster of brands includes Grind King, Termite Skateboards, Dogtown Skateboards, Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards, Layback Longboards, Dick Brewer Hawaii Skateboards, Given Skateboards, Triad Truck Company, and Cargo Trucks and accessories.  The company has developed exponentially since its beginning 7 years ago, adding more brands to its roster every year, and remains standing strong with dependable customer service, expedited shipping methods, and competitive pricing.