Industry News 8/19/2010

B$Z: ONE Industries Announces Distribution Plans

ONE Industries Announces Distribution Plans

ONE Industries, Corp is pleased to announce that the 661, TAG and Sunline product lines are now available exclusively from ONE Industries.

The three brands will benefi t from the ONE Industries sales team and infrastructure to maximize awareness of the products and expand the presence in the market. This will be supported with stronger product design and development, marketing, inventory levels, order fulfi llment and a higher degree of technical information provided to customers.

Neil Calvesbert, CEO of ONE Industries comments, “These are three strong and respected brands in the marketplace, we have invested heavily in the brands since acquiring them in 2007 and the time was right to bring them down to San Diego and benefi t from the infrastructure and resources we have created here”.

“I am excited about what our sales team and global distribution can do for these brands, we appreciate the positive support we are receiving from our dealer network as we move forward with this strategy” states Bob Ketchum, Director of Sales.