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B$Z: Backside Five Enters Market from Houston, Texas

August 19, 2010

B$Z: Backside Five Enters Market from Houston, Texas

Backside Five, Inc. is a premium apparel line focused on eco-friendly platforms. After two years of research and development, the Backside Five team is ready to unleash its fresh new gear onto the action sport world.

Houston, TX August 13, 2010 – There are several premium-clothing lines that have caught the attention of the action sports community in the last few years. The Backside Five team strives to earn the respect of the community with its unique designs placed on eco-friendly apparel.

As a lifestyle company, we strive to bring high quality and unique designs to the core market that appreciates fresh and fashionable apparel.  Our premium brand is focused on the nightlife environment with its roots stemming from art, music, and the action sports themselves.

“We support a local Reggae/Rock band named Footpie who have been great in promoting our brand…It’s one example of how very important it is to us to stay relevant to our friends and supporters of our brand. Without them, we wouldn’t have a chance within this very competitive apparel industry”, says Vice President Joe Rizzo.

As of August 13th, Backside Five launched with shirts, hats, belts and belt buckles as our core products. Backside Five was created on the vision of producing something new and unique that someone would be proud to wear.

Whichever playground you choose: whether in the mountains, in the water, or in the street, Backside Five takes the post competition and participation experience to the next level. From pre-gaming to the late night after party, let the sick times roll. Long live shredding, drinks at the bar, good times… great pictures… stellar stories. 


Darren Smegal
Backside Five, Inc.