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B$Z: Introducing Kate’s Bars: All-Natural Snack Creations

August 25, 2010

Introducing Kate’s Bars: All-Natural Snack Creations
From An Organic Idea

Introducing Kate’s Bars, the amazingly tasty Real Food energy bars hand made in the shadow of the Tetons. Popular for years among Jackson Hole's locals, word is now spreading around the country about Kate's Bars to outdoor and health food enthusiasts.  From their humble start in Kate Schade’s kitchen, Kate’s Bars were born of a desire to never miss a second of skiing, and are specifically designed to be the only fuel you’ll need/want on the slopes and trails.
From the beginning, Kate’s Bars were an organic idea.  Schade made her bars for herself, sharing them with friends while waiting in line to catch another Tram.  Her friends couldn’t get enough and finally convinced Kate to make them for retail sale in the Tetons.
“At first, all I wanted was to make good, healthy food that kept me skiing all day, and that was easy to pack into my pockets.” Schade said. “I knew I had hit it right when I got the sweet, salty, fruity, chewy, crispy combo… all in one bar.  The flavors and textures change with each bite, making every Tram Bar experience an adventure” Schade continued, “Now, I want to create a great company culture and help promote what I believe in, like organic foods, farms and the need for good outdoor play in everyone’s life.”

Kate’s Bars combine tasty goodness and a texture that keeps its shape but isn’t dry.  Every bite is different, which keeps you coming back, bar after bar. Each of Kate’s Bars is packed with the best ingredients to provide the perfect boost of all natural energy whether you’re hammering your 10th Tram of the day, crushing those last miles of trail, or rushing through meals during your work day.
Made by hand and from organic and all natural ingredients, Kate’s Bars are available in three selections:
The Original: Tram Bar 
Dark and Spicy: Caz Bar 
Especially for those whole love National Parks: Grizzly Bar