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WEB: Outdoor Gear Always On Sale

September 20, 2010

Introducing Instant Gear Gratification, Always On Sale

Who has time to surf all the gear sales online? Gear Burger ( does the work for you, and finds the gear you’re looking for, when it goes on sale, by monitoring more than 25 online outdoor retailer sites and more than 2000 brands.

It’s the personal shopping assistant for outdoor gear deals that you’ve been waiting for.

After getting tired of missing sales on snowboard gear, Gear Burger founders Chad Rosen and Rob Webb developed a different kind of deal tracker for outdoor gear sales: Gear Burger. The Gear Burger technology concurrently monitors thousands of brands across the largest gear retail sites on the web and sends you a daily email displaying all new sales that match your interests.

Gear Burger is the only place you can find deals on ALL the gear you need, as soon as it goes on sale, all in one place.

• Personalize it: Be as specific as you’d like.
• Particular about brands? Choose all 2000, or only your favorites.
• Only looking for certain types of gear? Narrow it down by category.

Gear Burger monitors 25+ outdoor retailer sites like,, for 2,000 brands and +20,000 products to find no less than exactly what you’re looking for, as soon as it goes on sale.

Check out and sign up to start finding just what you need, always on sale.