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B$Z: SIA Partners With Denver Collective on Multicultural Snow Sports Research

SIA Partners With Denver Collective on Multicultural Snow Sports Research

On the heals of the release of the first Multicultural’s in Action Sports (M.A.S.) Report, SnowSports Industries America (SIA) announced today that they will join the effort as a partner alongside the Denver based collective of Huemantitas, Geoscape, Equipo Roca and Mentalounge Media, in building the first exclusive study on multicultural snow sports engagement for the industry.
The partnership entails SIA helping lead the effort in building a broader and deeper investigation of the multicultural youth market by contributing industry research, developmental support, and distribution of the reports final findings. The collective will also be presenting its key insights of this first phase of research at the 2011 Snow Show at the Colorado Convention Center (Jan. 27-30).

“The M.A.S. Report provides an unprecedented view of multicultural demographics in snow sports.  They take participation research to a new level by not only examining demographics but by showing how to effectively communicate and market to the Hispanic community in the U.S.” Kelly Davis, SIA Director of Research

Specifically, the broader study will focus on Return on Investment across key categories including: Equipment & Apparel, Consumer Packaged Goods, Media, Resorts and Retail for brand partners that seek to grow their business in the urban and multicultural youth markets. The collective will begin engaging brands as potential partners for the exclusive study starting in January 2011 as only a select group of brands across the outlined categories will be chosen to participate.

“Our goal is on quantifying brand investment opportunities for the industry while also contextualizing the deeper, cultural truths of the market. Partnering with SIA brings an unparalleled level of industry intelligence and guidance that will ensure our approach is in direct alignment with the strategic needs of the industry,” says Marcus Jiménez, Partner and Creative Principal of Huemanitas.
“We are incredibly stoked about SIA coming on board as they have the member base, knowledge, need and desire for greater understanding of the multicultural youth market,” added Juan Alberto Delaroca, Founder of Equipo Roca.

The M.A.S. Report is a first of its kind look at the “New American Mainstream” that is reshaping the U.S. youth market that seeks to answer the critical question for the industry: Does the multicultural market represent a viable, sustainable opportunity for the snow sports industry? The 2010 Hispanic Snow Summary takes a preliminary look at the participation, purchasing behaviors, and media consumption habits of urban Hispanic youth in relation to the action sports category as a precursor to broader multicultural snow sports engagement.

To find out how you can be a part of the exclusive study, contact Marcus Jiménez at: 303-927-6198 or via email at: To download a full copy of the report, visit:

SnowSports Industries America (SIA) is the national not-for-profit, North American member-owned trade association representing suppliers of consumer snow sports with constituents in the retailer, rep and resort communities.
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Huemanitas: Huemanitas is a strategic marketing group that supports clients through culturally innovative marketing solutions that empowers their business.
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Geoscape: Geoscape provides strategic analytics, detailed data resources and automated intelligence systems to corporations seeking growth by capitalizing on opportunities in a culturally-diverse business environment.
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Equipo Roca: Equipo Roca is a Latin action sports intelligence group that specializes in connecting the industry with urban and Latino enthusiasts in the U.S. and Latin America.
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