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B$Z: BULA Adds 21 Distributors

January 11, 2011

BULA Adds 21 Distributors

BULA, a leading accessories and cold weather brand, today announced the addition of 21 distributors in 27 countries, increasing global distribution by 120 percent. Since 1983 BULA has been manufacturing quality headwear for skiers, and celebrating a carefree attitude and laidback lifestyle ever since.

"We are excited about our new international alliances,” said Philip Marcovitch, President of Filmar Corporation, the manufacturer of BULA. “The global market is one of growing importance for the BULA brand. BULA has an established business base in regions like Scandinavia, Canada and the United States and we are poised for success in the new regions of distribution.”

The following are new global distributors of BULA:

Andorra, Spain, France and Portugal:     Megasport                      

Argentina:                                             Board Life                       

Benelux:                                               Familia Distribution          

Bulgaria:                                               XTM Sports Marketing     

China:                                                   Another Distribution Ltd.              

Czech Republic:                                    N Distribution                  

Georgia:                                               DV Sport Ltd.                                       ---

Germany and Austria:                            Chris Sports Europe GmbH

Greece:                                                 Water Action                   

Hong Kong:                                          Island Wake                    

Hungary:                                               Acrol Hungary                 

Iran and UAE:                                        Mianji Sport                    

Israel:                                                   Reshet Ltd.                                           ---

Kazakhstan:                                          Snowshop.KZ                 

Lithuania:                                              JSC “Modus Otii”             

Poland:                                                 Frost Distribution S.C.     

Romania:                                              Kenner Distribution          

Slovenia and Croatia:                            GM 3 D.O.O.                   

Switzerland:                                          Chris Sports Systems      

Taiwan:                                                 Great Life Science Inc.     

Turkey:                                                 Sporting Group                                     ---


Greg Bardin, VP of Sales for BULA and one of the original founders, had this to say, “Twenty-eight years ago we were operating this company out of my kitchen, so it means a lot to me to see this type of growth for the brand. We like to say that we have been living the good life since 1983, and I am proof of that.”

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