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Wake: Slingshot signs Keith Lyman to the Global Wake Team!

February 2, 2011

Slingshot signs Keith Lyman to the Global Wake Team!
Slingshot Sports, FIRST IN FLEX WORLDWIDE, is proud to announce we have signed Keith Lyman to a sponsorship agreement.  He has instantly become an important anchor point to an already strong group of riders on our 2011 Global Wake Team.  Our support for Lyman will continue indefinitely. 

Even as a veteran pro of 11 years, Lyman is known for “huge air” off the wake, and taking his riding to the extreme.  His “badass” attitude and energy are very apparent in his style, and he sits among the elite when it comes to his professionalism as an athlete.  Keith summed up his reasons for joining Slingshot with us as he signed his contract.  “I am extremely excited to be working with Slingshot!  I think with what you bring to the table in the way of concepts and technology, and what I bring to the table with my riding style and experience, we can produce the worlds "next level" big wake riding board.  I truly believe in what Slingshot stands for and am a HUGE supporter of an American based company building their product in America!”

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Lyman now resides in Orlando, FL where he’s currently shredding his massive wake on the 2011 Slingshot Hooke from the all new Ballistic Board Line.  Wade Wagley, our Wake Brand Manager, is confident Keith is the perfect fit.  “Ever since Keith took the win at Blacktop Oasis 2.0, I’ve known he would be a perfect fit for Slingshot Wake.  The way he boosts off the wake and charges rails is exactly why our boards are designed and built the way they are.  I greatly appreciate Keith’s professional attitude and energy, and have truly enjoyed getting to know him better over this last year.  Now I can’t wait to see what we’ll come up with for his new “Lyman Board!”  Welcome to the family, Keith!  
Stay tuned.  There’s more excitement coming from Slingshot soon…