Industry News 2/24/2011

EVENT: Office Booyz & Girlz - Where everyone is a winner!

Office Booyz & Girlz – Where everyone is a winner! 

HUGE thanks go out to the entire SIA and Winterpark crew for making dreams come true.

Office Booyz & Girlz made its debut at SIA’s On-Snow demo this year.  A great time was had by all as revealed by the slide show below.  And the circuit is not over yet this year - stay tuned for the next announcment when Office Booyz returns to Bear Mountain and Grouse Mountain in Vancouver.  It's an international affair.

In classic “OB conditions” it was cold and snowy.  The weather didn’t slow down participants though.  The contest began with the marquee event, Quasi Big Air, which was taken by Tanya Otero of Ariel 7.  From there the crew moved on to test the Desktop Destroyer obstacle, and finished up the day with a Dual Slalom event which pitted people head-to-head in a challenging slalom course of at least six or seven turns.

The awards ceremony kicked off later in the afternoon where prizes were given for everything from Most Team Spirit to Most Excuses to Brass Balls to Quasi Big Air Champ, and many stops in between.

Everyone walked away with a prize of some sort, and specific awards and trophies went to the following people.

Look out for next year’s event!  More surprises are in store and the game plan is cooking.

Most Team Spirit – Flux Bindings crew

Office Booyz Spirit Award – Eric Steele & friend – two guys on teli-skis  all day!

Quasi Big Air Champ – Tanya Otero, Ariel 7 – that’s right – a girl took it!

Dual Slalom – Sean Hardage

Horsin’ Around – Ultimate Cowboy – Brett Hamilton, Attic Skate Shop

Desktop Destroyer – Mike “Gags” Gagilardi, Never Sumer

Hipster – Anthony Manfredi, TransWorld Media

Scorpion King – M.J., Sole Technology

Brass Balls – Ray Takahashi – Flux Bindings

Blue Balls – Steve Lippman (he actually destroyed the course, but had to change skis between events and that’s how he won this award and $100 cash!)

Most Excuses – Ashton Maxfield, Sole Technology (because he needed $100 buck too!)

Relay Race – Smokin’ Snowboards crew