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WEB: TransWorld Media Launches New On-Demand Online Video Platform with TransWorld.TV

June 7, 2011

TransWorld Media Launches New On-Demand Online Video Platform with TransWorld.TV
With more action sports video content in one place than ever before, TransWorld Media has officially launched TransWorld.TV. This compelling, user-friendly on-demand video platform offers myriads of relevant action sports content ranging from entertaining webisodes, credible videos, trailers, and live webcasts, all of which encompass the industry´s favorite athletes participating in skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, motocross, and bmx.

"We´ve finally delivered the perfect platform to service all of TransWorld Media´s original content and exclusive partner videos," said Editorial Director Rob Campbell. "This makes TransWorld an immediate player in digital content delivery, capable of serving the best video programming whenever our audience demands it."

TransWorld Media has been producing relevant, award-winning action sports video content for over sixteen years. With this new video platform, TransWorld can aggregate its videos into one combined, easy to navigate user experience. TransWorld.TV is viewable across multiple media devices, including personal computers, e-readers, and mobile devices. Advertisers will now be able to connect to their audience in a more unique way, delivering a viable brand message to viewers who are captivated by their favorite action sports videos.

Users can access TransWorld.TV for free, creating their own video space, MY TW.TV Profile, archiving their favorite video clip playlists to view at anytime. All videos are easily searchable and can also be found via top category lists including: most recent, staff picks, and featured. Audiences can share their experiences as well through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, "liking" or tweeting their favorite clips for others to enjoy. To sign up for a MY TW.TV account, you can go directly to TransWorld.TV and click "register."