Industry News 6/14/2011

EVENT: Volcom Howler Fish Sur Series in Costa Rica - Captures Spirit of Fun for All

Volcom Howler Fish Sur Series in Costa Rica - Captures Spirit of Fun for All

Alberto Munoz shown here lifting off on his way to winning plane ticket to 2012 VQS Champs!

The first ever VQS Costa Rica event kicked off this last weekend in Playa Jaco for any and every kid under the age of 17. The newly added Howler Monkey Fish event to the VQS Tour has been long over due and you could tell by the amount of kids lining the beach at first light ready at their chance to sign up. With this being the rainy season for Costa, we knew we were in for a possible chance of torrential downpours. However, with some magic Howler Monkey Fish luck, we kept dry all day until with a flawless event! No later that 5 minutes after the award ceremony, we were greeted with an incredible rain storm that had us running for cover with all of our supplies. Here are a few highlight from the finals.

The line to get in the event was crazy!

The finals were crazy! People swarmed the beach from out of the wood work to watch all the locals rip it up. The first final in the water was the Squids and man did they put on a a show. Malakai Martinez throwing down a nuts front side air in his final secured him the #1 spot. The girls were killing it with young talent from all over the country. In the end it was Jordan Hurdley grabbing first place and a ton of prizes including a brand new beach cruiser bike! The Groms had a tough go at it with every heat being stacked with talent. When it was all said and done it was Leonardo Calvo earning a victory and a heap of gear from Volcom, Electric and many others. With no Pro division in this series the Juniors were the, "Main Event." In a close showdown it was Aberto Munoz taking 1st and earning himself a plain ticket to the 2012 VQS Champs.

Fun surf, Howler Monkey fish faces, and tons of stuff makes for a great day!

Costa Rican children love their mayonnaise!

Malakai Martinez was ripping all day, doing an air in the final in front of 100's of people to take first.

There was non stop fun all day, in and out of the water!

The Juniors showed their talent all day and put on a show for the beach crowd.

There were four 1st round heats of Squids and just in case you're wondering that is mayonnaise!

Thomas King surfed his way to a solid third place in the finals and tons of stuff from Volcom, Future Fins and Electric.

Keava is a three year old Squid who got to come out from her heat and run through the Howler Monkey tunnel!

Ziggy is the MAN! He was jumping around like Seabiscuit all day.

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People swarmed the beach during the finals!

1. Alberto Munoz - Airline ticket to 2012 VQS World Champs!
2. Manuel Mebendaiz
3. Thomas King
4. Juan Carlos Mendez

1. Leonardo Calvo
2. Bruno Carvalho
3. Jeremy Segura
4. Aldo Nicolas
5. Joseph Mendez
6. Carlos Brown

1. Malakai Martinez
2. Sage Grinaldo
3. Ziggy
4. Tiago Carrigue
5. Andre Charon
6. Riley King

1. Jordan Hurdley
2. Leilani Mcgonagle
3. Emily Gussoni
4. Paula Rodriquez
5. Maia Velarde
6. Cloe Velarde

Thank to a great staff that made this event great!