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Art Helps: Japan - Online Auction and Live Auction at JDK

June 22, 2011

Art Helps: Japan - Online Auction and Live Auction at JDK

Art Helps: Japan is hosting an online auction featuring work from close to 50 internationally known artists including Chuck Anderson, Scott Lenhardt, Thomas Campbell, Michael Leon, Tyler Stout, Cody Hudson, Terje Haakonsen and many more; the online auction is active Wednesday, June 8th-25th. Art Helps: Japan is a fundraiser for our widespread community of art lovers and artists to lend ongoing support to the many victims dealing with the profound damage caused by the recent earthquake. Marin Horikawa, a Design Director at JDK, created the project with the idea that although the aftermath of a natural disaster can feel overwhelming, “art, and people willing to extend a hand, can help.”
Sponsors JDK Design, Iskra Print Collective, Burlington Bay Catering, Cabot, Driven Studio, Ben & Jerry’s, Burton Snowboards, and OKAY!! OKAY!! have come together to put on a
live auction in Burlington, VT. The event will take place on Friday, June 24th from 6-10PM on the 1st floor of JDK, at 47 Maple St. in Burlington. The live auction will take place from 8-9PM at JDK’s café, Maglianero.  

   Chuck Anderson

'Moana' by Chuck Anderson'       

Cody Hudson

One, Two, Pump It Up, One Two' by Cody Hudson

The online auction is up and running now; those interested can check out the work and begin bidding at 100% of the proceeds from Art Helps: Japan will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.
For more information on this event and to check out the artists’ work, visit