Industry News 7/20/2011

EVENT: GLOBE Announces 0000 (YEAR ZERO) World Premiere Date

GLOBE Announces 0000 (YEAR ZERO) World Premiere Date

GLOBE, designers and distributors of shoes, clothing and cruiser skateboards, today announced the world premiere date and location for its newest surf film – 0000 (YEAR ZERO). The premiere will take place in Costa Mesa, California on August 3, 2011 coinciding with the U.S. Open of Surfing and the Agenda tradeshow in Huntington Beach. The film’s DVD release is set for fall 2011.

YEAR ZERO is a modern take on high performance surfing set in a post-apocalyptic world, reminiscent of Mad Max or an HG Wells novel. It tells a story of a band of renegade surfers, including Dion Agius, Yadin Nicol, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, CJ Hobgood and Damien Hobgood, on a road trip through the apocalypse in search of waves, women, and good times. The film’s original soundtrack by BLACK MOUNTAIN, whom VICE MAGAZINE has called, “One of the best rock n’ roll bands of our time,” creates a sonic landscape that fully delivers the immersive experience that director Joe G envisioned for the film.

The film was shot on location around the world entirely in super 16mm film and offers a unique concept with stunning visuals that capture the essence of surfing in a novel setting. YEAR ZERO follows GLOBE’S previous award winning productions such as SECRET MACHINE and NEW EMISSIONS OF LIGHT AND SOUND and is undoubtedly GLOBE’S largest film project to date.

GLOBE is proud to be working with a unique and diverse group of partners including G-Shock, Rockstar, and Kicker. Truly organic relationships bound by more than just the film, but through interesting product and team stories that will unfold in the months to come. Additionally, GLOBE is working with some of the sport’s most progressive media partners, including Surfing Mag, Stab Mag (AUS), and Desillusion Mag (EU). For more information visit

GLOBE is a diverse group of individuals and products brought together by their passion for skateboarding and surfing. United By Fate.