Industry News 7/26/2011

EVENT: Video Recap of Art Helps Japan Fund Raiser

Art Helps: Japan raised nearly $8,000.00 

100% of which was donated directly to the Japanese Red Cross. Dilation Films was there to capture everything.

Art Helps Japan: Art Auction from OKAY!! OKAY!! on Vimeo.

Art Helps: Japan was a fundraiser created as a way for our widespread community of art lovers and artists to lend ongoing support to the many victims dealing with the profound damage caused by the recent earthquake.  The fundraiser was organized by Marin Horikawa, a design director at JDK, and comprised a two-week-long online auction as well as a live auction.

On Friday, June 24th, JDK Design hosted the live auction at their Burlington, VT café, Maglianero.  The turnout was overwhelming, and the café filled up with people who were excited to check out the diverse collection of art before bidding. Professional auctioneers took bids and kept the audience involved and entertained.  The overall enthusiastic vibe of the event confirmed Marin Horikawa’s idea that “art, and people willing to extend a hand, can help.”