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WEB: 3D Industries Announces Facebook Presence & Website Reintroduction

August 17, 2011

3D Industries Announces Facebook Presence & Website Reintroduction

3D Industries, an established Private Label Manufacturer for nearly 30 years, is proud to announce the launch of it's new Facebook page, along with a reintroduction to their official website. The new Facebook page is meant to be an easier way for potential clients to peruse 3D's extensive portfolio through social media connections.

3D Industries is a custom overseas manufacturer of technical products, sportswear and accessories for the Action Sports and Power Sports industries. Whether they manufacture one product or your entire collection, 3D Industries will handle DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT & DELIVERY. They understand your industry and guarantee your satisfaction.

They have nearly 30 years of experience in helping branded manufacturers with their Private Label needs. With one company-owned factory in China and several other nearby sister factories, their specialties include but are not limited to: sportswear, boardshorts, jackets, sweatshirts, towels, umbrellas, sandals, snowboard outerwear, base layering, sports/beach bags, and accessories.

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