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B$Z: The snowboard industry is set to change on September 1

August 30, 2011

San Clemente-based company launches performance binding technology beginning September 1
The snowboard industry is set to change on September 1 with the first generation of the Twisted Binding - a light, unobtrusive piece of equipment that allows boarders to rotate their front foot forward 90 degrees, mimicking the stance used in skateboarding. The Twisted Bindings’ thin plates fit between the snowboard deck and the traditional binding, activated with the mere pull of a spring-loaded pin.  In spite of its unassuming size and simple design, the forward-facing stance facilitated by the Twisted Bindings greatly improves the snowboarding experience. Boarders will now be able to skate through lift lines, ride the chair in comfort, cruise through flat areas where they were previously passed up by skiers and easily adjust the angle of their stance for powder or park runs. 
“The concept of Twisted Bindings stemmed from years of hearing the same complaints - knee problems, limited mobility and chairlift difficulties,” said Leslie Miller, president, Twisted Bindings. “We came to realize that the relationship between boards and bindings has remained basically unaltered since snowboarding’s inception- and we set out to change that.”
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Visit the Twisted Bindings booth at Skidazzle at the Los Angeles Convention Center on December 1-4, 2011.