Industry News 9/19/2011

B$Z: SIA Creates "State of the Industry Video" for the Masses

SIA Creates “State of the Industry Video” for the Masses
New Video Breaks Down Lessons Learned from 2010/11 Season

The 2010/11 season will go down in history books as a record breaker for both snow sports sales and snowfall across the country. Experts say it will take a little snow magic to experience the same results for this winter, but important lessons can always be learned from studying a banner sales year. Luckily, the SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Research Team has done their homework and boiled it all down in the State of the Industry Video available at:, providing valuable insight into consumer spending habits, demographics, immerging product categories and more. Videos for Alpine/AT, Snowboard, and Nordic/AT specific categories are also available.

“When you think about it, knowing consumer buying trends can help at every level in our industry - retail staff on the shop floor, sales managers, upper management, entrepreneurs launching a new business - really anyone involved in snow sports should check out this video as they prepare for the upcoming season,” Kelly Davis, Director of Research for SIA.

The State of the Industry Video is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services and information SIA's Research Department provides to members, which give them a competitive edge in today’s business arena. SIA's Research Department offers a full range of research and data reports that provide industry insights to help companies make smarter decisions and ultimately grow their business.

SIA also collects and analyzes all their research, which ensures the information is relevant for the snow sports industry’s unique business needs including budgeting, product development or how to write a business plan. Some of the research featured in the videos is from the 2011 Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report- a wide-ranging report of activity in the snow sports marketplace during the 2010/11 season - which will be remembered for its record breaking sales and highest snowfall levels in twenty years.

As a non-profit, member-owned trade association, SIA's goal is to help businesses thrive on their own, and as part of the larger snow sports industry. Membership dues help subsidize SIA’s exclusive research making the data available at no cost (i.e.: State of the Industry Video) or at significantly reduced pricing.  Additional SIA research reports, including women's-specific and juniors-specific snow sports products, will be released in the upcoming months.