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B$Z: Fuse Announces 2012 Service Grant Recipient

November 17, 2011

Fuse Announces 2012 Service Grant Recipient: Adaptive Action Sports to Receive $25, 000 in Agency Services
Fuse to Provide Marketing Services to Non-profit Committed to Aiding Youth and Young Adults Living with Permanent Physical Disabilities Through Action Sports

Fuse is pleased to announce Adaptive Action Sports (AAS), Inc., as the non-profit recipient of its 2012 Service Grant Program, which includes $25,000 in agency services.
“This grant project is a new addition to Fuse’s community engagement program that fosters charitable giving, advocacy, volunteerism and leadership,” said Brett Smith, Partner at Fuse. “It was both impressive and humbling to review the 25 applications we received this year.  A large group of our staff has been involved in the selection process and we can’t be more excited to have chosen Adaptive Action Sports to work with in the coming year.”
AAS was co-founded by competitive snowboarders Amy Purdy and Daniel Gale in 2005.  Its mission is to create and promote action sports camps, events and programs for youth, young adults, military personnel and veterans living with permanent physical disabilities.
“Amy’s personal story, passion and work are truly impressive,” said Smith.  “She not only changes the lives of hundreds of young people with whom AAS directly works, but she also inspires the broader community – showing us that amazing things can be accomplished even under challenging circumstances.”
At age 19, Purdy – an avid snowboarder – lost her legs to bacterial meningitis.  As she struggled to get back to her sport, she met repeated disappointment and frustration.  At that time, snowboarding and other action sports were not considered suitable sports for individuals with disabilities. Eventually, with Gale’s encouragement, Purdy regained her snowboarding ability and today is the world’s top-ranked adaptive female snowboarder. With Purdy as inspiration, AAS shares her success story to help others find their own abilities through action sports. AAS continues to foster an attitudinal change in both the adaptive and able-bodied communities, where they raise the level of expectation and respect for the abilities and potential of adaptive individuals.
Purdy and Gale’s passion and commitment to AAS is evident. Fuse’s experience with action sports and youth marketing will assist AAS to broaden awareness and further its mission. 
“We are hoping that our work with Fuse will help us popularize action sports for the permanently disabled,” said Amy Purdy. “We want both the disabled and able-bodied communities to recognize that action sports are not out-of-bounds for individuals with disabilities. We are confident that Fuse’s services will help us broaden our market reach.  We look forward to telling the world about our organization.”