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TV: SDSI and GET LAUNCHED PRODUCTIONS partner on sports reality TV show pilot

December 1, 2011

SDSI and GET LAUNCHED PRODUCTIONS partner on sports reality TV show pilot

Calling all entrepreneurs in the SDSI & sports industry network… do you have THE next breakout Sport or Sports Product, but are in need of exposure and funding?  If you answered yes, then keep reading….

SD Sport Innovators (SDSI) has teamed up with GET LAUNCHED Productions to create a unique opportunity for 25 action sports and sport product companies to audition for the pilot reel for our reality TV show “Get Launched or Get Lost!”   The show has been designed as a “quick elevator pitch” competition following action sports and sport product companies through a series of grueling tests from proof of concept to financial planning to viability in the marketplace.  We are offering the opportunity to showcase your entrepreneurial ideas and skills in a way that is fun, exciting and educational as we show the “behind-the-scenes” of how to take an idea, make it a company, and eventually bring it to market.

Our unique premise starts with 25 companies and putting them through their paces in front of our esteemed panel of judges who include  Bill Walton (Executive Chairman of SDSI & NBA Hall of Famer),Tony Finn (Father of the sport of wakeboarding and Founder of Liquid Force), and Rick Alden (Founder of Skullcandy).  Our Judges will determine who “Gets Lost” down to the final three after which we will look to the public audience to vote on the Company who will “Get Launched”.  Our winner will receive $1 million* in investment funding to help launch their product. *subject to change based on if the show gets picked up by a network and will ultimately be determined by sponsor of show

Companies who want to participate must meet the following requirements:
1. Must be either a tangible sport product, a new spin on existing an sport, or may be a new technology within the sports industry
2. Must NOT have exceeded $1,000,000 net profit or net sales for 2011
3. Must have one working prototype and/or video for demonstration

Submission requirements: (We realize the timeline is tight, so whatever you have from the list below, the better)
1.    One-page executive summary of product/company for judge
2.    Photos of your product by itself, and photos of it being used
3.    Brief description of why your product should GET LAUNCHED AND you should get the prize money 
4.    2 minute video presentation along with marketing deck. ( Video must be a quicktime video format and deck must be powerpoint or PDF)
5.    Company must sign agreement to not appear on a show in a similar format for up to 6 months after the taping of the audition. (i.e. competing show where companies pitching their products for a chance to get funding for their companies)
6.    All companies must be available on December 8 to pitch in person

Quick Pitch Day of Requirements – Thursday, December 8th, 2011
1.    All companies must be available on the day of at the San Diego Hall of Champions from 8am-2:30pm.  Exact times will be assigned the day before.
2.    Must have product and video if possible for demonstration
3.    Do not wear white tee shirts and avoid heavy patterns and sequined outfits.
4.    No more than two (2) representatives will be allowed to represent the Company during the audition

If you have any questions or if would like a chance to participate in this opportunity, please contact Garrett Hale via email at [email protected]  by Thursday at midnight. We look forward to hearing from you.