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B$Z: BR4SS One Year Anniversary!

December 2, 2011

One year ago TODAY we launched BR4SS & in a short period of time we could not be in a better place. We've been picked up by top accounts in the US, by international distributors & associated our brand with world reknowned artists, athletes, brands, magazines & personalities.

While we are not the first or only brand to offer Underwear, we believe that our TEAM & PRODUCTS are the BEST in our market right now - We believe we out style anyone in this game & are building a diverse, empowering brand that you can be proud to be apart of.

We've rejected several buyout offers from owners of major apparel companies, have been "threatened" to be sued by multiple people who are afraid of the juggernaut that we are building, but  kept our focus & our chins up as we build something amazing. "Easy" or "Good Enough" doesn't exist in our vocabulary.

I hope this email does not come off cocky - I am so proud of what we have done in a short period of time & just wanted to say Thank You to everyone that has supported the brand this past year!

The future is unwritten & we look forward to 2012 - It's time to make history!

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