Industry News 12/15/2011

B$Z: Rhythm | Gordon Holden

Rhythm | Gordon Holden

Rhythm USA, Irvine CA. on December 14th, 2011 is proud to announce the addition of Gordon Holden to the Rhythm US Family.

Gordon Holden is a contemporary visual artist, born in the suburban United States of America. After graduating from the University of Vermont, never having studied fine arts, he soon discovered that the only way to live in a world that strives for perfection is to do just the opposite.

His work captures visual and tactile expression through the backwards mishmash of an osmosis of pop culture and personally-derived abstract apprehension. This complex marriage of playful curiosity and cynical observation produces works that are both whimsical and thought-provoking.

Gordon describes his creations as: “a collection of things to like and things to dislike.” 
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