Industry News 12/22/2011

B$Z: No Limits To Distribute Holden in Canada

B$Z: No Limits To Distribute Holden in Canada

No Limits Distribution is proud to announce that they have taken on the exclusive Canadian distribution for U.S based outerwear company, Holden. 

Holden is a widely recognized leader in style trends, fabric and technical innovations, and environmentally committed outerwear.

Independently run and operated by a passionate team of professionals including the original founders, Holden is committed to its vision of producing products that make people happier and healthier in the active life they lead.  Whether through sustainable business practices or in making excellent, enduring products Holden looks to bring joy to people’s lives though their products. “We are very excited about this opportunity,” says No Limits Founder, Darren Hawrish.  “Holden is a premier brand with a brilliant image.  The company is environmentally conscious and is dedicated to producing quality, innovative products.   Exactly the type of brand we like to represent.  Holden is ideally positioned where we can add true value by significantly growing both market share and brand equity for Holden in Canada.”

“We’re proud to have No Limits as a distribution partner,” says Holden CEO, Ben Pruess. “ No Limits understanding of our brand and long term strategy coupled with their brand mix, retail relationships and professional outlook towards building Holden made our decision easy.   We are pleased to have structured the partnership in such a way to keep Canadian pricing inline with where it was under our direct model, while being able to benefit from the added value of local service and knowledge.  We are excited about this move in Canada and confident to have No Limits continue to successfully build the Holden brand.”

No Limits will begin booking Holden for the Fall/Winter 2012 season and will be showing in Canada at Know?Show and Five&DIME.  Holden can also be seen at US trade shows such as Agenda Long Beach and SIA.  To book appointments or for information about sales reps in your territory please contact, Brad Morgan at  1(800) 996-3327, 

About No Limits Distribution:
No Limits was founded in 1993 and is the most recommended Brand Equity builder for emerging apparel and footwear brands in Canada.  Located in Vancouver, we are passionately committed to enduring relationships with our brand and retail partners, by strategically developing the brand’s equity in the unique Canadian market.  No Limits is committed over the long-term to help brands grow their Canadian business consistently with their own domestic and international strategy.
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About Holden:
Holden was founded in 2002 by renowned professional snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel the two set out to change the look of technical outerwear by developing apparel equally suitable for wearing on the street and the mountain.  Their goal – integrating beautiful design, tailored fits and high quality technical features for a fusion of fabric and function.