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B$Z: SOL Republic Launches Exclusive Headphone Line Designed for Action Sports Retailers

January 5, 2012

SOL Republic Launches Exclusive Headphone Line Designed for Action Sports Retailers
Virtually indestructible headphones deliver incredible sound and styles at accessible price points

Committed to changing the world one listener at a time, SOL REPUBLIC today announced an exclusive line of headphones designed specifically for action sports retailers. Looking to grow the brand organically within action sports through its dedicated internal team, SOL REPUBLIC is partnering with athletes and ambassadors in action sports to help bring great sound, style and durability to everyone.

“Just like action sports, SOL REPUBLIC is deeply rooted in the music lifestyle. Sports are emotional and music is emotional. When music sounds better, you feel better and perform better. We’re committed to making better-sounding headphones affordable to everyone.” Said Kevin Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of SOL REPUBLIC.

Designed from the ground up, SOL REPUBLIC headphones come in four different models, including two advanced on-ear versions, Tracks and Tracks HD, as well as two in-ear models, Amps and Amps HD.  Obsessed with sound quality, SOL REPUBLIC headphones deliver the full-bass punch and clear highs of the most demanding music, without distortion.

Featuring a groundbreaking modular design, SOL REPUBLIC Tracks headphones are the first fully interchangeable headphones to feature incredible sound, style and durability. Designed for customization, Tracks & Tracks HD offer swappable “Sound Track” headbands and detachable cables with full mic/remote control, so you can easily change your headphone colors and styles. Standard Tracks are available in black, white or red and Standard Tracks HD are available in black, grey or white.

In addition to the standard colorways, SOL REPUBLIC today introduced five new Sound Track designs that are exclusively available through action sports retailers. These five fresh designs are a complement to the unique style and individuality from each action sport genre, including skate, snow and surf.

Lee added, “To enable athletes to integrate music into their sports and fashion into their music, SOL REPUBLIC has created a product line that’s specifically for and exclusive to the action sports retail channel. This new line is the proof point of our mutual passion for great sound, unique style and demand for something totally fresh and unexpected in a headphone.”

SOL REPUBLIC has also recruited its Saviors of Sound, which are a dedicated team of DJ’s, musicians, athletes and advocates equally dedicated to ridding the world of hollow-sounding headphones.  As the first action sports Savior of Sound, pro surfer Julian Wilson will be introducing his fans around the world to SOL REPUBLIC’s music philosophy. And his fans will see Wilson exclusively sharing his Soundtrack Of Life, including his favorite songs and musical influences, with SOL REPUBLIC’s community on Twitter and Facebook.

Wilson is also collaborating with SOL REPUBLIC’s product design team to create a fresh and unexpected Sound Track headband design.

Beyond great style, SOL REPUBLIC Tracks & Tracks HD address two of the most pressing concerns among headphone users today – durability and comfort.

Constructed from SOL REPUBLIC’s proprietary new polymer called FlexTech™, the Sound Track headbands are virtually indestructible – they can twist, bend and drop without breaking. We’re backing up our indestructible claim with the most aggressive guarantee on the market. Everyone who purchases a SOL REPUBLIC Tracks, Tracks HD or separate SoundTrack headband can get a free replacement headband if the original breaks within 1,000 days from the purchase date.

To support SOL REPUBLIC’s launch to the action sports community, we are also introducing the first headphone customization kiosks at retail stores so customers can check out each headphone and build their own custom headset by choosing a cable, Sound Track headband color or design and Sound Engine Speakers.  Action sports athletes, fans and enthusiasts prefer to shop at action sports retail stores and SOL REPUBLIC is providing unique ways for these customers to find the exclusive products that complement their lifestyle. SOL REPUBLIC’s exclusive product line and listening kiosk will be at action sports retailers in late February.

SOL REPUBLIC’s on-ear Tracks ($99.99), Tracks HD ($129.99) and in-ear Amps ($59.99), Amps HD ($99.99) and exclusive Sound Track feature design headbands ($34.99).