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B$Z: Former French Pro Snowboarders Launch Surf & Yoga Travel Concept

January 23, 2012

Former French Pro Snowboarders Launch Surf & Yoga Travel Concept
My Surf Yoga Retreat brings surfers and yogis together to surf the best waves in the world and get back into shape, the yoga way.

It is a good question but to ask: “What do professional snowboarders become when they put an end to their career?” Some become consultant for companies they rode for, others become sports commentators, some might even start their own snowboard company. Well for former professional halfpipe rider and Winter Olympic French athlete Gary Zebrowski, it is as simple as going back to his Tahitian roots: surfing.
After the 2010 Olympics, disadvantaged by several knee injuries, Gary decided it was time to move on and that at this point the Ocean was where he wanted and needed to be. He and his wife, former professional snowboarder Caroline Béliard-Zebrowski, decided to live between Hossegor and Tahiti.
Surfer at heart, Gary became a surf coach while his wife re-converted into a yoga teacher. Because travelling has always been part of their lives, they recently started a new venture and launched My Surf Yoga Retreat, a new travel concept for those into surf, yoga and change. “By organizing these retreats we wanted to share our roots and our passions with others looking for a healthy and fun way to spend their vacations”, says Caroline. “The boat trip in Tahiti is the best example of what we want to share with people: immersing them into the culture, having them discover surf spots nobody could surf otherwise, going fishing, doing yoga on deserted islands, and forgetting about their cell phone and Facebook.”
Laguna Beach, CA, Hossegor, France and a boating trip in Tahiti are some of the upcoming 2012 getaways they propose.
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