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WEB: TransWorld SURF's Latest Digital iPad Issue

February 1, 2012

TransWorld SURF’s Latest Digital iPad Issue, The Winter Edition, Now Available On iTunes 

TransWorld SURF has gone digital yet again, offering its readers their latest multi-layered digital iPad magazine issue on iTunes; downloadable at no cost for a limited time and available now. The TW SURF Winter Edition is loaded with exclusive videos, photo galleries, extended interviews, and much more, giving iPad owners access to experience for themselves this interactive surf masterpiece.

“The Winter Edition of TransWorld SURF is the most interactive and technically advanced surf media product I’ve ever seen,” says Editor In Chief Chris Cote. “It’s been a dream of ours to make the magazine actually come alive, but we’ve done it with this app—it’s a whole new way to experience TransWorld SURF.”

The missing link between print magazines and the internet is this multi-layered digital platform. TransWorld SURF helps bring the surf community to the next level of interactive media entertainment as they experience the magazine come alive right in the palm of their hands.

Read below for details on what TransWorld SURF readers will find as they peruse the latest issue of its digital magazine editions. What's inside:

Letters - Readers will find hilarious audio commentary from the infamous Editor In Chief Chris Cote, as he responds to some of the most entertaining letters from the TransWorld SURF audience.
Go There - Continue to push and tap into the issue and those who have never been to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil or northern Nicaragua, will definitely want to go there after reading about amazing surf destinations, salivating over the incrediible photographs.
How To - Want to learn how to land a giant air? Oliver Kurtz is featured and will show you how. How about a frontside face carve? Carissa Moore has got that covered.
Surf Science - Game-changing inventions for big-wave surfing is also revealed as readers swipe up or down across the pages to reach the surf science section.
Aquapørnography - The cleverly named aquapørnography feature delivers big, beautiful, full-screen photographs.
Icon: CJ Hobgood - Continue swipping or tapping and you will find World Champ surf icon CJ Hobgood as he talks about whats next for his career.
Imaginarium II - TransWorld SURF's infamous photo fantasy world, the Imaginarium II, featuring top brands Rusty, Body Glove, Billabong and Reef.
Kelly Slater’s Road To 11 - And gracing a cover yet again, Kelly Slater tells us about the amazing and bizarre road to his 11th ASP world title. As if ten titles aren't enough for the greatest surfer of all time!
Surprise Excitement Party - And if you thought all that wasn't enough, there is a two-minute feature of highlights from TransWorld SURF's latest movie, Surprise Excitement Party, featuring riders John John Florence, Mark Healey, Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Michel Bourez, and Kelly Slater.

If you have an iPad, make sure to download this app on iTunes here while it is still available at no cost. To subscribe to TransWorld SURF's monthly print magazine, click here.