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B$Z: Surf Specific Training Facility Opens in Orange County

March 5, 2012

Surf Specific Training Facility Opens in Orange County

Extreme Athletics opened its doors on Monday and it is already stirring a buzz around town. A surf specific training facility built for surfers or anyone who wants to get better at there sport. Founded in 2011 by Paul Norris and Jon Brown, Extreme Athletics is a place where athletes focus on strength training, balance, power, core strength and hand eye coordination.

Located in the heart of Costa Mesa, this 2500 square foot warehouse holds functional equipment not seen in your typical 24 hour fitness. "You don't need fancy equipment or a huge workout floor to become a better athlete." Paul said, "You just need coaches that know how to correlate the training to that athlete's sport. For example, I'm going to have a surfer do rotational exercises and also lower body power and strength training. This way the exercises and movements that we practice will carry over to surfing." The warehouse has plenty of space and holds kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, balance trainers and the famous bungee wall. Extreme Athletics also has a video review room where they break down each athlete's surfing and can focus on their weaknesses.

The idea for Extreme Athletics was discussed one day last year when Jon and Paul were out surfing at 54th street in Newport, their favorite break. They wanted to combine their love for fitness and surfing and turn it into a full time job. "We had both been training surfers for awhile and thought that they needed a place to call home." Jon said, "So we said ok well where can we fit all of these guys and what do they need to exceed and take their surfing to the next level?" That's where the hunt for a warehouse started and multiple meetings and discussions ensued. 8 months later, Extreme Athletics was born.

Jon and Paul both have exercise degrees and multiple certifications. They have a combined 15 years experience training athletes and have worked with Courtney Conlogue, Andrew Doheny, Trevor Thornton, Brad Ettinger and Anthony Petruso.