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B$Z: TransWorld SURF Evolves With A Fresh New Design

March 6, 2012

TransWorld SURF Evolves With A Fresh New Design

The continual evolution and transformation of a brand is essential in today’s fast-moving media world. TransWorld SURF continues to do just that: radically differentiating itself from the competitors with a fresh, new design—re-branding its identity in order to better suit the brand’s overall long-term vision.

“This creative evolution that you’ll see moving forward keeps our brand in the leadership position, delivering surfing to its audience in a clean, unique way,” says TransWorld SURF Publisher Charlie Anderson.

First, the TransWorld SURF magazine was given a visual overhaul, using the philosophy “less is more,” simplifying the overall navigation for ease of use, adding in white space to place more importance on the award-winning photography, and changing the cover stock to give it a more collectible look and feel for its customers. In addition to the print component of the brand, TransWorld SURF’s transformation will be carried over onto digital tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs, and the web, keeping on par with the constantly evolving digital media outlets.

“By no means are we growing up and getting stiff,” laughs TransWorld SURF Editor In Chief Chris Coté. “Our art director, Sam Allen, has such a passion for design, and it shows in everything we’ve created thus far. Hopefully, we’re still gonna piss off librarians across the world, but we’ll just be doing it in a more sophisticated way.” TransWorld SURF continues to strive to put out the best materials and have the most premium product out in the surf media market, promoting itself with clarity and uniqueness, and making the user experience as easy as possible by clearing out any extra, unnecessary noise that might devoid from just that.

Gracing TransWorld SURF's cover (Photo Credit: Russell Ord) for the first time in his young career, and winning the most recent Quiksilver King Of The Groms Expression Session contest, 14-year-old Jack Robinson is clearly paving his way into becoming "the future of surfing."

Celebrating the launch of the re-brand, TransWorld SURF invites you to join them as they debut their first printed issue (Vol. 14, Issue 4) at The Saloon in Encinitas, CA, this coming Thursday, March 8, 2012. For more information, contact your TransWorld account representative.