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B$Z: Wave Sport Team Announced for 2012

March 14, 2012

Wave Sport Team Announced for 2012

Wave Sport has been a leader in whitewater kayaking for over 25 years. Always innovative and always driven to perform, Wave Sport has spread the love of boating through its designs and through the people paddling its boats. Along the way, there have been characters, eccentrics (of the good-natured variety, of course) and more than a fair share of wickedly talented individuals. Through it all, the uniting trait of all Team Wave Sport athletes has been an unrestrained enthusiasm for the water-bound journey. The 2012 Team Wave Sport athletes are no different.

“For 2012, Team Wave Sport is more well-rounded and experienced than ever before,” said long-time team manager and top freestyle competitor, Bryan Kirk. “Athletes with specialties in filmmaking, racing, expeditions, freestyle, and instruction are situated around the globe to help promote our amazing sport and Wave Sport's latest designs.”

This season is already shaping up to be filled with adventure. With a beefed up competitive season, including the Teva Mountain Games, the Freestyle World Cup and training for the 2012 Freestyle World Championships, several Team Wave Sport athletes will be representing at the biggest events in the nation. Those not competing are turning to exploration. By press time, Tanya Faux will have completed a 30-day, self-support, all-female expedition of the Kimberley Region in Australia. The expedition is monumental on a number of levels, but most important for raising awareness and money for an endangered river ecosystem.

2012 Team Wave Sport Roster:

Bryan Kirk
Elaine Campbell
Taylor Cavin
Tyler Curtis
Tanya Faux
Tyler Fox
Kyle Hull
Haley Mills
Kim Russell
Devyn Scott
Dan Simenc
Mikkel St. Jean-Duncan
Kelsey Thompson
Mike Travares
Chris Wing

Check out team all bios at: Plus, look for more updates on Facebook and the Wave Sport community forum and blog.