Industry News 3/19/2012

B$Z: One Step Retail Solutions Introduces New Website for Web-based Retail Store Management

One Step Retail Solutions Introduces New Website for Web-based Retail Store Management
Cloud-based Retail Management System Utilizes Apple iPad for Mobile Point of Sale

One Step Retail Solutions announced today the launch of a new website to introduce Teamwork Retail, a web-based POS software system. The site,, introduces the innovative cloud-based Retail Management System Teamwork Retail, a web-based retail management solution available on a monthly subscription basis.

With Teamwork, the point of sale operates on a desktop computer or tablet (iPad™) in the store and is connected to Store Headquarters via the web, also referred to as the “cloud”. The software within each store interchanges data with the Headquarters software.

CEO and founder of Teamwork Retail, Michael Mauerer, realized the potential market shift to cloud-based software seven years ago; in a time in which cloud computing was still in its infancy. As a pioneer and visionary in retail systems, this wasn’t his first accurate prediction in technology development.

In the early 1980’s Michael owned a retail apparel business in Mexico and became interested in micro computers. Being years ahead of his time, he conceived an application using computers as point of sale systems. The first version eventually became Retail Pro, which today is a leading international retail management software product used in over 65 countries and tens of thousands of stores worldwide.

In 2002, Intuit purchased Retail Pro’s technology and Michael became the manager in charge of retail systems development for one of the world’s most successful large software companies. There he designed and launched QuickBooks POS, used in tens of thousands of US stores.

After leaving Intuit and once again meeting retailer’s needs, Michael started developing Teamwork Retail in 2005 and made retail management easy to use, fast, mobile and affordable. Teamwork's solutions scale from small to large businesses, are rapidly deployed and eliminate expensive up front hardware and software costs. As Michael puts it, “Teamwork gives the retailer all of the benefits of a first class retail management system with none of the hassles.”

Providing technology to retailers for over 26 years, One Step Retail Solutions introduces this new approach to retail technology of Cloud POS on the dedicated website