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B$Z: TransWorld Media Launches New Website Design For All Titles

April 2, 2012

TransWorld Media Launches New Website Design For All Titles

TransWorld Media, the leading action sports media outlet, recently launched a redesign of its brand websites, including SKATEboarding, SNOWboarding, SURF, Motocross, Ride BMX, and Business, aiming to provide its audience an improved overall browsing experience, both on computers and smartphones. The overhaul includes more advanced mobile-user capabilities, added drop-down navigation bars, updated marquees, social media features, and much more.

“The main objective in updating the websites was not only to have a new look, but to better align our brands across web, mobile, social, and print, creating a more dynamic, modular site,” says TransWorld Digital Director Andy Creighton. “We continue to evolve and grow, allowing the consumer to better access, consume, and share our content with the best possible experience no matter where our audience is or what device they use."

The redesign was launched to give its users a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. The new homepage now includes a cleaner and more navigable marquee. A drop-down navigation allows for better compartmentalization of content, giving more exposure to subcategories. The main navigation bar now stays in the browser window as users scroll for constant, easy access. In addition, each site is able to better highlight specific features that may be running. A social media “connect” center is now located at the top of each homepage, enabling quick access to the latest Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and RSS posts from each brand.

As a significant amount of the TransWorld audience is currently on smartphones, it made sense to make each website mobile friendly, allowing users to view and share videos, photos, and features with ease on these devices. The mobile version, compatible across all smartphones, will simplify navigation for the user while on their phones, which will significantly improve engagement.

Check out the new websites online or on your phone. Click on the links below to go directly to each site: