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B$Z: Spyder Opens Distribution Facility In Dallas Texas Area

April 25, 2012

Spyder Announces Evolution of its Product Distribution Network

Spyder Active Sports, Inc., the, Colorado-based manufacturer of premium technical ski apparel, today announced that it has taken steps to enhance its product distribution network in order to further support current market demand and accommodate future growth objectives. Specifically, the Spyder Distribution Network (SDN) has added a new, apparel-specific facility in Lewisville, TX to improve upon its service commitment to its dealer base.

This move comes after three years of consecutive growth for Spyder, and after assessing the accompanying need to address challenges in its vertical supply chain. Spyder’s leadership is confident that – in a business where there’s no room for delays, errors, and poor supply chain execution – the combination of the new Texas facility and a smoother operating network in the Far East will streamline the way Spyder gets its products to customers.

“We’re very excited to bring a state of the art facility online to accommodate Spyder’s current and future growth,” said Ellen Welley, Spyder’s VP of Sales for North America. “The new facility has the capacity to sustain that growth for many years to come.” Spyder’s Director of Supply Chain, Outbound Services Nate Peterson added, "We’re confident that by adding this facility and personnel expertise and support to our network, we can meet the demands of our dealers and offer the best service available."

Spyder has identified three key factors that played into the decision to enhance the SDN: First, The core competencies of the facility are apparel and apparel supply chain management – it will add nearly a century’s worth of experience to the SDN; second, current achievable volumes through the new Texas facility exceed 6 million pick and pack apparel units – the facility is also poised for future expansion to accommodate increased demand; third, the new facility understands and is able to accommodate the unique dynamics present in a high-volume peak business operating within seasonal demand windows.

Spyder is confident that making these enhancements to the SDN, it will achieve: (1) faster transit times from its factories to the Texas facility, (2) increased capacity and throughput capabilities, (3) faster transit times from the Texas facility to its dealers (can deliver to 93% of dealer base in three days or less), and (4) because it operates in a Free Trade Zone, seamless import of goods for more rapid distribution to its entire North American dealer / sales rep base.

The Lewisville, TX facility will be brought online as part of the SDN for the Fall 2012 selling season. The SDN will continue to support additional needs of dealers, sales reps, and Spyder’s corporate office with an existing facility in Aurora, CO.