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VIDEO: Work In Skateboarding Project Aims to Bring In Youth

May 9, 2012

Work In Skateboarding Project Aims to Bring In Youth

Samantha Chami is launching an educational website on careers in the skateboard industry to help the next generation find a career in skateboarding. 

Below is an explanation of the porject, in text and video.  Currently Chami is working to raise funds for the project, of which 100% goes directly to the project, and she is half way there.  The fund raising site can be found here:


Work in skateboarding is an educational video website that shows the diversity of jobs in skateboarding, their accessibility and how similar roles can apply to other sport industries.

It’s going to be a resource for kids who are beginning to plan their career paths and are unaware of all the different job options within skateboarding.

The main goal of the website is to invest in the next generation of skateboarding, nurturing their growth and creativity and supplying them with information they can use to become a part of the industry.

The videos are educational in their approach, providing access to information from respected industry professionals. The information includes their career history and advice about the process and experiences they had in reaching their chosen career path. This kind of information is hard to obtain if you don’t have a personal connection with someone in the industry.

The content that I’ve already collected features working professionals such as Thomas Campbell, Matt Irving, Joe Brook, Dave Chami, Dan Zaslavasky, Jason Hernandez, Dan Wolfe, Kyle Camarillo, Anthony Claravall, Carson Lee, Jahmal Williams, Andy Pitts, Graham James and Darin Howard.

The website will also incorporate a regular series of ‘How to’ videos, including subjects like how to produce your own videos, how to create a zine and even tips for how to get a skate park built in your town. These videos will basically elaborate on the advice given by the professionals, teaching and encouraging creativity. They will enable kids to create their own outlets for their work, by being pro-active which builds their confidence and level of skills they can use in their future.

The videos on the website will also be made available on DVD’s for schools or youth organizations without computer access to purchase as an educational resource.

What your contribution will help to achieve

I plan to run the website as if it were a Non Profit. Raising $8,000 means that over the next year I will be able to produce 17 videos for the website.

Keeping the costs to a shoe string budget:

  • 65% of funds goes to Video production and being able to pay contributors
  • 30% enables a run of 1000 DVD's plus the postage for the $25 gifting reward option.
  • 5% goes to website hosting and set up costs

Any money that is raised past the goal will go towards:

  • Future web hosting costs, to keep the content available online for as long as possible!
  • Future DVD runs
  • Future video content if needed