Industry News 5/10/2012

B$Z: Penny Skateboards Debuts "Pennytime" Game on iOS

B$Z: Penny Skateboards Debuts "Pennytime" Game on iOS

Penny Skateboards, in collaboration with developer IV Motion, are proud to announce the release a new and exciting iOS experience:  Penny Time. The side-scrolling action game combines a mesmerizing soundtrack by hunz with unique gameplay, putting the player atop the original plastic skateboard in search of points, multipliers, tricks and secrets.

Set in a post-retro game world not too far removed from suburbia, the player soon discovers that their Penny board has the ability to freeze time. Users will Ollie, hippy jump and power-slide their way under, through and over frozen obstacles to victory, and choose whether you cash in their earnings along the way or risk it all by playing increasingly difficult areas for even greater points.  Each of the game’s unique levels features two gameplay modes which will immerse and challenge both casual and experienced players alike.

Officially releasing May 10th, 2012, the game features DLC on the fly allowing Penny’s partners to change their assets at any given moment.  In addition, the game features different characters, accessories, competition play, as well as global scoreboard so that users can track their process against the world in route to potentially earning real life prizes from the brand.

Penny Time is now available for all iOS devices through the App Store for $.99. A free lite version and the official Penny Time soundtrack are now also available.

For more information on Penny Skateboards, please visit the website or contact Absolute Distributors at or (760-295-2201).

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