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B$Z: Airwalk Enters Headphone Market in Europe

May 30, 2012

Collective Licensing International Signs Deal with OTL Brands for Airwalk® in Europe


Collective Licensing International (CLI), the company that owns and manages the Airwalk brand, announced today a multi-year license agreement with OTL Brands. A leading design and import group based in London, OTL will design and sell Airwalk headphones and other electronic accessories in Europe. The company plans to introduce its product across the continent starting this winter.


“We are excited to partner with OTL Brands to expand the Airwalk brand in Europe,” said Bruce Pettet, CEO of CLI. “The company’s expertise within the electronic accessories business is unmatched, making them the perfect partner for Airwalk in this category.”


Established in 1986, Airwalk is among the most recognized board sports and youth lifestyle brands in the world. Last year, Airwalk celebrated its 25th anniversary with its global network of 50 strategic brand partners, reaching more than 100 countries around the world.


OTL Brands has more than 20 years of management experience in the apparel and electronic accessories industry. OTL Brands has worked under license with several renowned and reputable global brands, including Atari® and Major League Baseball.


“Airwalk was one of the pioneering brands of the action sports community,” said Damian Treece, Marketing Manager for OTL Brands. “We are thrilled to bring the brand’s strong heritage and credibility into the headphone and electronic accessories categories.”