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B$Z: Kelty Introduces New Inflatable AirPitch Tents

July 10, 2012

Kelty’s New Inflatable AirPitch Tents Speed and Simplify Campsite Set-Up

AirPitch™ Mach 4 and Mach 6 tents replace traditional poles with innovative AirPoles, allowing campers to set them up and take them down in seconds

Kelty, manufacturer of camping and backpacking gear for just about any outdoor experience, is simplifying campsite set-up with the fast, fun, and easy to set up AirPitch™ series tents. 

With two styles including the Mach 4 and Mach 6, AirPitch™ series tents replace traditional poles with Kelty’s inflatable AirPoles, allowing both tents to be inflated and deflated in under a minute so campers can spend less time setting up camp and more time having fun in the outdoors.

“As anyone who has ever been camping will tell you, setting up a tent -especially a larger tent- can be a time consuming headache,” said Sue Timbo, Marketing Director for Kelty.  “Our AirPitch™ series tents speed and simplify this process so campers can worry about more important things, like exploring the outdoors, relaxing with friends, or roasting marshmallows.” 

Stronger and more durable than traditional aluminum or fiberglass poles, Kelty’s AirPoles resist bending, kinking, and breaking, keeping your tent ready to go and standing tall in stormy weather.

AirPitch™ tents will be available in two styles.  The Mach 4 and Mach 6 share several common features, including abundant interior space for outstanding comfort, oversized storage areas for gear or escaping the weather, and, most importantly, a floor-style hand pump for quick, easy inflation. 

The Mach 4 offers over 50 square feet of both internal space and vestibule space with a peak height of 74”, giving campers enough space to sleep comfortably and store a ton of gear.  The internal “sleep room” clips into the tent to create a double-walled space that is easily removed for extra versatility.

The Mach 6 is a frontcountry palace, offering two separate “sleep rooms” each with 49 square feet of floor space.  A centrally located vestibule provides 38 square feet of storage space while a peak height of 76” adds abundant headroom.  The “sleep rooms” are removable, adding versatility to this outsized shelter.

KELTY is based in Boulder, Colorado, and uses the natural backdrop of the Rocky Mountains to test, create and continually innovate within their diverse outdoor product families of Backcountry, Trail, Basecamp and KIDS. Kelty combines the best in new technology with a healthy dose of common sense to create exceptionally made, value-priced outdoor products. For more information on Kelty, please go to, or call 800.423.2320.